The council welcomes petitions and recognises that petitions are one way in which people can let us know their concerns. Anyone who lives, works or studies in the area can submit or sign a petition. All petitions sent or presented to the council will receive an acknowledgement from the council within 10 working days of receipt. Paper petitions can be sent to: The Petitions Officer Democratic Services Lancashire County Council PO Box 78 County Hall PR1 8XJ If you want to hand in your petition in person, please contact the Petitions Officer to arrange this. A petition is just one of many ways you can tell us your views. Depending on the circumstances it may be better for you to raise the issue through a different route, perhaps via your county councillor or our comments, complaints and compliments process. If you're not sure, contact Democratic Services on 01772 533380 to discuss it. Please see 'petitions scheme - general information' below (embeded hyperlinks can only be accessed via RTF documents) for further information on: • The guidelines for submitting a petition? • What will the authority do when it receives my petition? • How will the council respond to petitions? • E-petitions • Paper petitions • Contact information • The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions) (England) Regulations 2011
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