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Welcome and Apologies for Absence


The Chairman, Graham Cowley, welcomed all to the meeting.  Apologies for absence were presented from Gareth Smith.  In addition it was noted that the Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council representative, Brian Bailey, had left the authority and that a replacement representative was being identified.  The replacement would require approval by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Board.


Declarations of Interest


Julie Whittaker declared an interest in in Item 6 – Northlight – Residential Accommodation and Business Unites Mini Business Case as her employer, Pendle Borough Council is the scheme promoter.  It was agreed that Julie would respond to any questions other board members may have but would leave the room whilst the item is formally considered.


Minutes of the meeting held on 06 December 2017 pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Resolved:  The minutes of the Growth Deal Management Board meeting held on 6th December 2017 were approved as an accurate record.


Matters Arising


Kathryn Molloy, Head of Service LEP Coordination gave an update on the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).  It was confirmed that the Grant Funding Agreement between the parties had been issued for consideration.  It is intended that AMRC opens in September 2019. 


In addition a finance update was given confirming the current funding amount allocated to the AMRC project and that there could be potential to allocated further funding subject to appropriate assessment and approval by the Board.  Further updates will be provided to the Board as necessary including the possibility of a written resolution.


Resolved:  The Growth Deal Management Board noted the update regarding the AMRC project.


Growth Deal Communication Update pdf icon PDF 63 KB

Additional documents:


Richard Bond, SKV Communications, provided an update on Growth Deal Communications since the last Board meeting.


It was reported that the communications update provided correspondence from July 2017 onwards.  It was reported that there has been over 60 pieces of relevant media coverage since July 2017 (all circulated to the Board).


The majority of these have explicit references to Growth Deal funding, while some others credit the LEP's support more generically.


In nearly all cases the references to funding and support is articulated as an enabler, which is the primary key message used in all communications.


A vast majority of partners who manage and promote Growth Deal funded projects now explicitly reference the LEP's Growth Deal support in all external communications.


Richard presented some recommendations for communications over the next period.  Including:


·  Proactively contact all communications partners and offer the option of an LEP quote on every GD project they are looking to publicise, with the proviso that SKV require at least three days’ notice to respond.


·  As sometimes the Growth Deal gets written out of wider Lancashire inward investment pieces by the media, it was recommended that ‘Growth Deal’ is explicitly referenced somewhere in any LEP spokesperson’s quote, even if the story is not directly linked to GD funding. This will improve the chances of getting it referenced in any subsequent coverage. 


·  It was proposed that the six-monthly coverage book be circulated to all partners and project sponsors - both within communications and operations teams – to demonstrate how individual, local projects fit into the wider, positive inward investment narrative for Lancashire - with Growth Deal support as the common factor.


·  Due to the fact many partners have struggled to give SKV indications of potential PR milestones on the horizon, it was recommended that SKV more closely with LEP/LCC colleagues to anticipate potential PR opportunities based on schedules outlined on the main Growth Deal project planner.


In addition the Board discussed opportunities to do a large cross piece of work on a large Growth Deal project such as AMRC.  It was agreed that Kathryn Molloy and Richard Bond would work up 3 or 4 big stories for consideration.


It was also agreed to produce a 12 month programme to capture Strategic Opportunities for review at a future Board meeting.


There was also a discussion regarding photography and if a specific ring fenced budget could be put in place to support to use of professional photographers to ensure high picture quality at events.  Kathryn Molloy agreed to pass on this request to Marketing Lancashire as the commissioning agent for Growth Deal Communications.


Resolved:  The Growth Deal Management Board noted the update provided and the communications activity as presented.

Part II (Private and Confidential)

At this point the Growth Deal Management Board approved that the meeting move into Part II, Private and Confidential, to consider a number reports that contained information provided in confidence as defined in the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  It was considered that in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighed the public interest in disclosing the information.


Northlight - Residential Accommodation and Business Units Mini Business Case


Anne-Marie Parkinson, Programme Manager Growth Deal Programme, introduced a report (circulated) regarding Northlight Residential Accommodation and Business Units Mini Business Case.


Julie Whittaker provided a technical update to the Board, following this Julie left the meeting room due to her earlier declaration of interest.


Resolved:  Following a discussion, and the Growth Deal Management Board:


(i)  Considered the contents of the report, including the independently prepared mini business case; and


(ii)  Approved that the project proceed in accordance with the mini business case circulated at Appendix 'A' to the report.


Julie Whittaker re-joined the meeting at this point.


North West Burnley Growth Corridor - Project Update


Anne-Marie Parkinson presented the report (circulated) regarding the North West Burnley Growth Corridor Project.


It was highlighted that the report presented a change to the scope of the project and provided a further independent appraisal report and funding recommendation.  It was confirmed that the independent appraisal had been undertaken by Genecon Consulting Ltd.


Resolved:  The Growth Deal Management Board:


(i)  Considered the contents of the report.


(ii)  Considered the Genecon Consulting Ltd Independent Appraisal Report.


(iii)  Agreed to recommend to the LEP Board at its next meeting to be held on 24th April 2018:

a.  A maximum Growth Deal funding approval of £4.9m subject to the conditions contained in the report.

b.  Agreed to retain the remaining £2.1m of the original £7m Growth Deal allocation to the project for a period of 4 months, by which time the Local Plan Inspector will make his final recommendations following consultation in March / April 2018.


(iv)  Agreed to receive a further update on progress of each condition, as detailed in the report, at the next Board meeting scheduled for 23rd May 2018.


Programme and Project Update


Anne-Marie Parkinson presented a report (circulated) which contained a summary of progress since the last meeting of the Board on the Growth Deal Programme.


With regard to programme performance it was highlighted that it is currently delivering in accordance with Lancashire's Growth Deal agreed milestones and Government's reporting requirements.


No queries have been raised in relation to the last claim submitted to Government in February 2018, the claim reported actuals (both spend / outputs) as at 30 September 2017.


In terms of measuring the performance against the Lancashire Growth Deal's objectives, the programme is still in its infancy in relation to realising outputs/outcomes, with significant reporting not expected until towards the end of programme 2020/21.  However confidence should be felt with 100% of the funding allocated, 81% of the projects within the programme have now received a LEP funding approval in line with their original objectives.


There are 44 projects within the programme, of the 44 projects – 36 have received LEP Approval, 34 have completed contracting / LGFA's are in place and 8 projects will be presented to future LEP Boards in agreed timescales.


The 8 projects are:


1.  Blackpool HBVA (Amuseum)

2.  Lomeshaye Industrial Estate Extension

3.  M55 to St Anne's Link Road

4.  North West Burnley Growth Corridor

5.  Pennine Gateway Programme

6.  Preston Western Distributor

7.  Shady Lane

8.  South Lancaster Housing Growth Initiative


Updates were provided on each project as set out in the report.  It was noted that the Blackpool Amuseum business case was being prepared and would come to the Board in May 2018 for consideration,  prior to the LEP Board meeting in June 2018.


The Board agreed that a separate standing update report on Lancaster University Health Innovation Campus was no longer required and that future updates could be reported as part of the general programme updates.


Resolved:  The Growth Deal Management Board:


(i)  Noted the contents of the report, and


(ii)  Received the specific Lancashire Health Innovation Campus (LHIC) update presented at Appendix 'B' to the report.


Growth Deal Finance Report March 2018


Jo Ainsworth, Specialist Finance Advisor, Lancashire County Council, presented a report (circulated) which provided an update on the financial aspects of the Local Growth Fund. 


It was noted that spending was on track for this financial year and that future years continue to be closely monitored to ensure delivery within the appropriate timescales.


It was also agreed that Kathryn Molloy, Head of Service LEP Co-ordination, would deliver a Programme Review workshop in September to monitor future years' delivery, including any slippage or projects which had not come forward in agreed timescales. The Chair would attend this session along with Jo Ainsworth and Anne-Marie Parkinson.


Resolved:  The Growth Deal Management Board:


(i)  Noted the spend to date, together with spend to be made in future years.


(ii)  Noted the forecast of funding to be balanced to the funding available as set out in the report; and


(iii)  Agreed that funding forecasts continue to be closely monitored to ensure they are profiled as accurately as possible, with the Board managing existing projects in order to recoup any slippage and ensure new projects remain on tract in line with their spending profile.


Projects requesting additional funding

Oral report


There were no projects requesting additional funding and it was noted that this was a historical standing item that could now be removed from future agendas.


Reporting to Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Board


With regard to reporting to the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership Board it was noted that Item 6 – Northlight and Item 7 – North West Burnley Growth Corridor should now be referred to the LEP Board meeting to be held on 24th April 2018 for consideration.


Any Other Business




Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 1.30pm on Wednesday 23 May 2018 in Committee Room D, County Hall, Preston


It was noted that the next Growth Deal Management Board meeting was scheduled to be held at 1.30pm on Wednesday 23rd May 2108 in Committee Room 'D', County Hall, Preston.