Agenda and minutes

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Welcome, Introductions and Ice Breakers


All were welcomed and the young people opened the meeting with an ice breaker.


What LINX Have Been Up To pdf icon PDF 65 KB


LINX presented the attached Powerpoint to the Board and there were no matters arising from it.


Young Inspectors Update pdf icon PDF 304 KB


Young Inspectors updated the Board and presented the attached Powerpoint.


Young Inspectors Activity


Three members of the Board were inspected as part of this activity.  CC Brown, Mark Cartridge and Amanda Hatton were interviewed by three groups.  Each of the three groups decided on three/four questions they wanted to ask each of the interviewees.  Following their answers, they were then scored and the groups feedback to CC Brown, Amanda and Mark and gave them their scores, reasons why they were given those scores and also recommendations that the inspectors would review at a follow up visit.  The Young Inspectors also write a report on the inspection.  The aim of this activity was to give a better understanding to the Board on how the Young Inspectors carry out their inspections.



Princes Trust Research


Chris and Michelle have been involved with the Princes Trust Research and wanted to bring an activity here to see what is happening in Lancashire and what the barriers are.  Groups were asked to write on flipcharts what Goals, Skills to Independence and Support they received and also Barriers children in care and care leavers face.


Feedback from Groups were as follows:



Skills to Independence



Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) Strategy.



Risks of Social Media.

Participation Group.

Team working to look at Business Opportunities.


High turnover of social workers.

Better plans (SMART).

Apprenticeships for Care Leavers.



National Care Leavers Week.

Facebook Page.


National Care Leavers Week – letters campaign.

Children in Our Care (CIOC) Development.

Future Horizons.

Lump Sum on Leaving Care for furniture etc.

Awards/Celebration events/launch events.

Developing local offer.

Advocacy/Independent Visitors.

Access to Child Adolescent and Mental Health Services (CAMHS).


Links with housing.

Pathway planning.

Supporting Carers of Children and Young People Looked After Together (SCAYT).

Relationships – professionals and families.

Financial procedures.

Leaving Care Worker.


Access – long waiting lists, funding, knowing where to go, accessibility, transport, limited weekend support.

Work with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Care Leaver Guide.

Service 6.

Stability – social workers, too many placements, inappropriate placements, need support to remain longer, longer review period, more money.

Links with Leisure Centres.

Youthzone Website.

Pathway Plans.



Care Leaving Team (University).

Leaving Care Worker.


Positive relationships – more young people involvement.

Setting Up Home Allowance.

Pupil Premium and High Needs Funding.


Designated people within services.




Financial – 'not done to' more freedom/allow to make mistakes.


Staying Put with Financial Support.


Better transition between residential and care leavers.


Travel – passports applied and paid for.




1st Choice School.




Hopes and Dreams for the Future


Young people asked the Board to write down their hopes, dreams and what they would like to see binned for the future from a Corporate Parent perspective.  The results were as follows:


Hopes (Keep)

Dreams (New Ideas)



Proud awards – bigger and better every year.

Pupil Premium for adopted children.

Bad comments being made on social media.

Keep forum.

See more good news stories of achievements of young people.


Young people's agendas on CPB.

More active involvement with children in care.

Four members said get rid of unnecessary paperwork.

Enthusiasm and positivity.

More interaction on social media.


Voice of young people.

More young people participating.


Keep CPB and Associate Bodies.

Get more care leavers involved in participation and have a voice about the Service.


Keep Forum (Care Leavers) and LINX.

All areas to have local participation group.


Family/friends together.

More sunny days.


Keep Young People presenting at every CPB meeting.

Encourage more people to adopt older children, sibling groups and children with disabilities.



Continuing investment in the service post Ofsted.



Better communication.



Safe places for young people to meet especially for young people in care and care leavers.



More celebration of success and achievement.



More participation in local safeguarding board activities.



More joined up thinking.



Inspect other agencies working with children in care.



More young people's voices.



Involve more children in decisions.



More young people to be involved.



More job and education opportunities for our young people.



More young people come to LINX and Corporate Parenting.



Roxanne McCallister informed the Board of the Lancashire NEET Strategy which aims to reduce the NEET population to 25% by September 2018 and ensure that young people have a holistic plan of support relating to their barriers to Education, Employment and Training (EET).  A NEET panel has been established with SCAYT/Addaction/YOT/Probation/DWP on the panel and they will meet quarterly to review holistic plans in place and address issues.


For Care Leavers,the Facebook page that is now live, will help to bring them together and feel more of a community.


ASDAN is now registered for the next two years.


Look at getting Care Leavers involved in LINX before they leave care and then they can support each other.


Care Leavers forum is being rolled out to Central and North areas.


PROUD awards will take place again in March 2018.


The MOMO app is now up and running and young people are encouraged to sign up.  Further information can be found here:



Questions and Evaluations


An evaluation activity of the meeting was undertaken and the young people were given a round of applause for leading the meeting and doing a fantastic job of doing so.



Date and Time of Next Meeting


Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 6.00pm in Committee Room 'C' – Duke of Lancaster Room, County Hall, Preston.