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Lancashire Parking Services


The Chair welcomed Peter Bell, Regulation and Enforcement Manager; Daniel Herbert, Group Manager Highways; and Keith Iddon, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, to the meeting.


The report presented provided an overview of Lancashire parking services provision of school and village enforcement, the centralisation of permit administration and the differences of on and off street enforcement.


Regarding the targeted enforcement information set out at Appendix 'A' of the report the Committee was informed that there was a correction regarding June 2018. The totals for June should have read, number of visits 65, number of PCNs issued 59 and 49 vehicles moved on. This effected the final section of the appendix. It should now read:


During April – June 2018:

·  275 targeted visits had been undertaken resulting in

·  264PCNs being issued and

·  219 vehicles being moved on.


Contravention of parking restrictions and inconsiderate parking in and around schools at the beginning and end of the school day was a regular complaint that was received by the county council. In order to tackle this problem a six month trial was implemented at the beginning of 2018 with additional enforcement to provide enhanced enforcement. Contact with schools was made through the schools portal and county councillors had been advised of the initiative. Around 60 schools were sent a letter and only 121 schools had signed up for the enforcement. A number of schools were not accepting the responsibility. LCC was now going to target all schools without request.


In terms of the increased visits and enforcement to zig zag lines outside schools the Committee enquired if this would lead to a reduction in parking enforcement in non-school areas as a consequence. The Lancashire Parking Services Team had a finite resource and therefore targeted the areas which had the most complaints or had the most restrictions.


Regarding Resident Parking Schemes members enquired what LCC's position was in terms of creating and implementing these schemes. It was reported that a pilot scheme on resident parking has taken place with County Councillor Salter consulting with residents in his area and the results of which have been brought back to the council. The outcome of the consultation had proved to be very positive and could be rolled out further.


Concerns were raised over carer's permits but members were assured that no changes had been made in relation to these permits until the statutory consultation had taken place.


In terms of the parking enforcement officers potentially having other enforcement duties e.g. litter, the Committee was informed that the current enforcement contract for deployed officers was for parking enforcement only. However, it was reported that as the contract was due to end, LCC was currently exploring various options which might allow parking enforcement officers to have other duties. LCC would have to work alongside district councils on this.


The question of parking on pavements was raised and it was confirmed that pavement parking was a real challenge in how it was managed and enforced. On the subject of dropped kerb crossings, incidents on these could be enforced by LCC however private drop kerb crossings were not enforced by LCC.


There were queries from members over parking in cycle ways. Highway cycle ways marked with a dashed line were advisory and could not be enforced by LCC. Cycle ways with a solid line were mandatory and could be enforced.




  i.  The report presented be noted.

  ii.  Information on the pilot scheme and any new parking schemes be circulated to members when available.

  iii.  The Lancashire parking services report and presentation be circulated to all county councillors.



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