Agenda item

Health Improvement Services - Consultation Outcome


Cabinet considered a report on a proposal to remodel health improvement services, including drug/alcohol, tobacco and healthy weight services, following public consultation. The proposal was to: 

·  Healthy weight services – cease the current Active Lives Healthy Weight (ALHW) contracts on 31 March 2020, reduce the value of the associated budget by £1.5m and to pursue a different offer which maximises the use of open spaces and digital opportunities.

·  Substance misuse rehabilitation – remodel services and reduce the value of the associated budget by £675,000.

·  Stop smoking services – remodel services.


Cabinet considered the consultation responses, and equality analysis and the mitigations proposed.


Resolved: That

  1. The cessation of the Active Lives Healthy Weight service by 31st March 2020; retaining a residual budget of £500,000 to support development of future health improvement initiatives be approved.
  2. A reduction in the budget of £675,000 for drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, ahead of a planned re-procurement exercise be approved.
  3. The proposal to remodel stop smoking services in line with national policy and evidence base with a focus on targeted groups within the community as detailed in the report be approved.
  4. A one-off investment of £500,000 to assist in the remodelling of services and development of non-clinical approaches with a focus on prevention, to promote good physical and mental health across all ages, including wellbeing and home improvement services as set out in reports elsewhere on the agenda be approved.
  5. Further work be undertaken with partners to identify opportunities for collaborative working to develop integrated approaches to prevention and health improvement.
  6. Multi-agency workforce development through the roll out of the Making Every Contact Count Programme (for signposting and general lifestyle advice); and development of a digital offer, to maximise self-care opportunities afforded by health and wellbeing apps and other social media platforms be endorsed.

  vii.  The thanks of Cabinet to the officers who assisted in the production of the report be recorded

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