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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £1.7 million.

Title Date Effective from
Developing the Approach and Provision for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ref: 1777916/01/202022/01/2020
The Future of Maintained Nursery Schools ref: 1779516/01/202022/01/2020
West Lancashire Partnership - Approval of Memorandum of Understanding ref: 1773505/12/201911/12/2019
Adult Social Care - Winter Plan 2019/20 ref: 1773305/12/201911/12/2019
Lancashire Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Partnership - Ofsted Revisit Preparation ref: 1756529/10/201929/10/2019
Supporting Pupils at Special School with Medical Conditions: Task Group Update ref: 1756629/10/201929/10/2019
Minutes of the meeting held on 1st of July ref: 1732002/09/201902/09/2019
Maximising Occupancy in Supported Housing Consultation Document ref: 1758407/11/201913/11/2019
Penwortham Slip Road Closure ref: 1758507/11/201913/11/2019
Preston City Transport Plan and the Preston City Region Submission to the Transforming Cities Fund ref: 1758607/11/201913/11/2019
A582/B5253 South Ribble Western Distributor and Realignment of Footpath Network - Approval for use of Powers and Preparation of Various Orders and Schemes including Compulsory Purchase Order ref: 1758207/11/201913/11/2019
The Future of Queen Street Mill Museum and Helmshore Textile Mills Museum ref: 1758807/11/201913/11/2019
Extra Care Service Model and Core Charge ref: 1758307/11/201913/11/2019
Procurement Report - Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1758707/11/201913/11/2019
Use of Resources for County Councillors - Revised Protocol ref: 1758907/11/201913/11/2019
Highways Act 1980 - Section 25<br/>Proposed Public Path Creation Agreement for a Public Footpath adjacent to F2992 at 23 Elmsett Road, Walton-le-Dale, Preston<br/> ref: 1759518/09/201918/09/2019
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation<br/>Addition of Footpath from Kirkdale Avenue to Footpath Rawtenstall 180 and Seat Naze <br/>File No. 804-608<br/> ref: 1759718/09/201918/09/2019
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation<br/>Upgrading to Bridleway of Footpath Longton 42 (Known as Six Acre Lane), South Ribble<br/>File No. 804-607<br/> ref: 1759618/09/201918/09/2019
Operational Premises06/11/2019Abandoned
Monitoring of KPIs for administration, complaints, governance and investments ref: 1755315/10/201915/10/2019
The Pensions Regulator - Governance and administration risks in public service pension schemes – engagement report ref: 1754315/10/201915/10/2019
Revised Lancashire County Pension Fund Communications Policy ref: 1754215/10/201915/10/2019
Regulatory Update ref: 1754115/10/201915/10/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund Breaches Log ref: 1754415/10/201915/10/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund Risk Register ref: 1755115/10/201915/10/2019
Feedback from members of the Board on pension related training. ref: 1754615/10/201915/10/2019
Update on Part II reports presented to the last Pension Fund Committee ref: 1755015/10/201915/10/2019
Update on Part I reports presented to the last Pension Fund Committee ref: 1754515/10/201915/10/2019
Note of the meeting held on the 9th July 2019 and Minutes from the 30th April 2019 meeting. ref: 1754015/10/201915/10/2019
Update on LPP Pension Administration Service ref: 1755215/10/201915/10/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1754915/10/201915/10/2019
Date of Next Meeting ref: 1754815/10/201915/10/2019
Disclosure of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests ref: 1753915/10/201915/10/2019
Apologies ref: 1753815/10/201915/10/2019
Notice of Intention to Conduct Business in Private - Update Report on the Performance of Lancashire County Council's Waste Processing Facilities15/10/2019For Determination