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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £1.6 million.

Title Date Effective from
Works to Operational Premises ref: 1709413/06/201919/06/2019
Delegation of Library Function to Preston City Council at the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library ref: 1696516/05/201922/05/2019
Replacement of Computers and other ICT Equipment in Libraries ref: 1624507/03/201913/03/2019
Capital Strategy for Schools – Condition Led Capital Investment Programme, 2019/20 ref: 1624407/03/201913/03/2019
Replacement of the Local Safeguarding Children Board with the new area safeguarding arrangements ref: 1624307/03/201913/03/2019
Proposed 2019/20 Highway Maintenance and Transport New Starts Capital Programmes ref: 1624107/03/201913/03/2019
Procurement Report - Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1624207/03/201913/03/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on 14 January 2019 ref: 1611711/02/201911/02/2019
Appointment of Chair ref: 1611329/01/201929/01/2019
PwC report on the outcomes of the LPP partnership ref: 1611129/01/201929/01/2019
Part II reports presented to the previous Pension Fund Committee ref: 1611029/01/201929/01/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1610829/01/201929/01/2019
Breaches reported to Pension Fund Committee since the last meeting ref: 1611229/01/201929/01/2019
Pension Administration Update ref: 1610929/01/201929/01/2019
Regulatory Update ref: 1610029/01/201929/01/2019
Statutory Guidance on Asset Pooling - consultation. ref: 1610229/01/201929/01/2019
Part I reports presented to the previous Pension Fund Committee ref: 1610629/01/201929/01/2019
Feedback from members of the Board on pension related training, conferences and events. ref: 1610529/01/201929/01/2019
LCPF Compliance with The Pension Regulator Requirements ref: 1610329/01/201929/01/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund – Data Quality report ref: 1610129/01/201929/01/2019
Lancashire Local Pension Board Workplan 2019/20 ref: 1610429/01/201929/01/2019
Programme of meetings 2019/20 ref: 1610729/01/201929/01/2019
Minutes of the last meeting ref: 1609929/01/201929/01/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1609501/02/201901/02/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on the 30th November 2019 ref: 1609401/02/201901/02/2019
Determination of Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements 2020/21 ref: 1607407/02/201913/02/2019
Libraries, Museums and Archives Fees and Charges Review 2018/19 ref: 1607207/02/201913/02/2019
Determination of Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary and Secondary Schools and Sixth Forms for the School Year 2020/2021 ref: 1607507/02/201913/02/2019
Vehicle Restraint Systems Code of Practice ref: 1607707/02/201913/02/2019
Request for Waiver of Procurement Rules - Independent Advisor Pension Fund ref: 1607807/02/201913/02/2019
Proposed Sustainable Travel Improvements in Brierfield ref: 1607107/02/201913/02/2019
Determination of Home to School Transport Policy - Academic Year 2020/2021 ref: 1607307/02/201913/02/2019
Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1606607/02/201913/02/2019
Lancashire Bus Station Departure Charges ref: 1606707/02/201907/02/2019
Lancashire County Council Corporate Strategy ref: 1606807/02/201913/02/2019
Extra Care Sheltered Services ref: 1607607/02/201913/02/2019
Money Matters 2018/19 Position - Quarter 3 ref: 1606907/02/201913/02/2019
Multi-Agency Self-Neglect Framework ref: 1607007/02/201913/02/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on 29 October 2018 ref: 1608028/01/201928/01/2019
External Audit - Audit Progress Report and Sector Update 2018/19 ref: 1608128/01/201928/01/2019
Highways Act 1980 - Section 119<br/>Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53A <br/>Proposed Diversion of Part of Dinckley Footpath 12, Ribble Valley Borough<br/> ref: 1606014/11/201814/11/2018
Decision On Appeal<br/>Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Addition of Public Footpaths around Glasson Dock Canal Basin, Thurnham, Lancaster City Council <br/> ref: 1605914/11/201814/11/2018
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation<br/>Upgrading Footpath to Restricted Byway at Waingate, Rawtenstall <br/>File No. 804-599<br/> ref: 1605814/11/201814/11/2018
Chairman of the Lancashire Local Pension Board ref: 1611429/01/201929/01/2019
Notice of Intention to Conduct Business in Private - Update Report on the Performance of Lancashire County Council's Waste Processing Facilities22/01/2019For Determination
Awarding of Small Grants to Third Sector Groups which are Registered with the Children and Family Wellbeing Service, including Grants to Individual Young People ref: 1602917/01/201923/01/2019
Implementation of the Care Act 2014 - Approval of Revised Adult Social Care Policies (Occupational Therapy, including Adaptations and Equipment) ref: 1603017/01/201923/01/2019
Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1603117/01/201923/01/2019
Eden of the North ref: 1603217/01/201923/01/2019
Review of Mobile and Home Library Services ref: 1603417/01/201923/01/2019
Future Provision of ICT Services ref: 1603517/01/201923/01/2019
Irwell Vale Road, Aitken Street, Bowker Street and Milne Street, Edenfield - Proposed Changes to Weight Restrictions ref: 1603317/01/201923/01/2019
Schools Budget 2019/20 ref: 1602817/01/201917/01/2019
Community Asset Transfers19/12/2018Abandoned