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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £1.7 million.

Title Date Effective from
Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1715011/07/201917/07/2019
Proposed Amendments to the Highways Capital Programme ref: 1715211/07/201917/07/2019
Update on the Samlesbury Aerospace Enterprise Zone ref: 1715811/07/201917/07/2019
Proposed Closure of Bleasdale Church of England Primary School ref: 1715311/07/201917/07/2019
Capital Strategy for Schools - Condition Led Programme 2019/20 ref: 1715711/07/201917/07/2019
Works to Operational Premises ref: 1709413/06/201919/06/2019
Moss Road Strategy ref: 1709013/06/201919/06/2019
Delivering sleep-in services consultation outcome ref: 1708413/06/201919/06/2019
Lancashire County Council (Various Roads, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Preston, Rossendale, Wyre and West Lancashire) (Revocations and Various Parking Restrictions (February/April No1)) Order 201* ref: 1708713/06/201919/06/2019
Lancashire County Council and the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme ref: 1708813/06/201919/06/2019
Health Improvement Services - Consultation Outcome ref: 1708513/06/201919/06/2019
Integrated Home Improvement Services - Consultation Outcome ref: 1708613/06/201919/06/2019
Choice of Accommodation, First and Third Party Top Ups and Discharge of Hospital Patients with Care and Support Needs - Implementation of the Care Act 2014 (Approval of Revised Adult Social Care Policies and Procedures) ref: 1708313/06/201919/06/2019
Provision for Special Educational Needs ref: 1709213/06/201919/06/2019
A6 Corridor Works, Broughton, Restricted Parking Zone ref: 1708213/06/201919/06/2019
Ceasing to Maintain a Specialist Provision for Special Educational Needs ref: 1709913/06/201919/06/2019
The County Council's Financial Position - 2018/19 Outturn ref: 1709313/06/201919/06/2019
Proposed Changes to the Transport Capital Programme ref: 1709113/06/201919/06/2019
Lancashire Wellbeing Service - Consultation Outcome ref: 1708913/06/201919/06/2019
Community Asset Transfer Policy12/06/2019Abandoned
Proposed New Tendered Bus Service 280 Preston – Clitheroe - Skipton ref: 1708107/06/201907/06/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on 24th April 2018 ref: 1707703/07/201803/07/2018
Chairs report on the Lancashire Local Pension Board Appraisal. ref: 1707330/04/201930/04/2019
Annual Report 2018/19 ref: 1707430/04/201930/04/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on 29th January 2019 ref: 1707630/04/201930/04/2019
Constitution, Membership and Terms of Reference of the Board ref: 1707530/04/201930/04/2019
Regulatory Update ref: 1707130/04/201930/04/2019
Lancashire Local Pension Board Workplan ref: 1707230/04/201930/04/2019
Feedback from members of the Board on pension related training, conferences and events. ref: 1706930/04/201930/04/2019
Date of Next Meeting ref: 1706730/04/201930/04/2019
Update on Part I presented to the Pension Fund Committee ref: 1707030/04/201930/04/2019
Report of the Advisory Group on implementation of the Service Improvement Plan ref: 1706830/04/201930/04/2019
Update on Part II reports presented to the Pension Fund Committee ref: 1706530/04/201930/04/2019
Update on LPP Transformation Plan ref: 1706330/04/201930/04/2019
Monitoring of KPIs for administration, complaints, governance and investments ref: 1706430/04/201930/04/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1706630/04/201930/04/2019
Breaches reported to Pension Fund Committee since the last meeting ref: 1706230/04/201930/04/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on 8th June 2018 ref: 1706105/07/201805/07/2018
Programme of meetings 2019/20 ref: 1705230/11/201830/11/2018
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1705530/11/201830/11/2018
Date of Next Meetings (February 2019 and March 2019) ref: 1705430/11/201830/11/2018
Minutes of the Meeting held on the 14th September 2018 ref: 1704730/11/201830/11/2018
Lancashire County Pension Fund Employer Risk Report ref: 1704529/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund Performance Overview - December 2018 ref: 1704429/03/201929/03/2019
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 1704129/03/201929/03/2019
Investment Panel Report ref: 1704329/03/201929/03/2019
Local Pensions Partnership Update ref: 1704229/03/201929/03/2019
Data Quality Report (Mercers) ref: 1703629/03/201929/03/2019
2019/20 Workplan of the Lancashire Local Pension Board ref: 1703729/03/201929/03/2019
Feedback from members of the Committee on pension related training, conferences and events. ref: 1703829/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund Training Plan 2019 ref: 1703529/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund 2019/20 Budget ref: 1703329/03/201929/03/2019
Responsible Investment Report ref: 1703229/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund - Q3 2018/19 Budget Monitoring ref: 1703429/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund - External Audit Plan 2018/19 ref: 1703029/03/201929/03/2019
Lancashire County Pension Fund Discretions Policy Statement ref: 1703129/03/201929/03/2019
Minutes of the Meeting held on the 1st February 2019 ref: 1702929/03/201929/03/2019
The issue of Period Poverty and how it can best be addressed ref: 1697814/05/201914/05/2019
Social Prescribing ref: 1697714/05/201914/05/2019
Housing with Care and Support Strategy 2018 - 2025 ref: 1699402/04/201902/04/2019
Whyndyke Garden Village Healthy New Town ref: 1699502/04/201902/04/2019
Cabinet, Lead Member and Champion Appointments ref: 1698823/05/201923/05/2019
Proposed A585 Windy Harbour to Skippool Improvement - Local Impact Report ref: 1696416/05/201922/05/2019
Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1695716/05/201922/05/2019
Establishment of an Urban Development Fund for Lancashire ref: 1695816/05/201922/05/2019
Outcome of the public consultation on changes to Household Waste Recycling Centres ref: 1695916/05/201922/05/2019
Revised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plans for Forest of Bowland and Arnside and Silverdale Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty ref: 1696016/05/201922/05/2019
Revision of Foster Care Allowances ref: 1696616/05/201922/05/2019
Awarding of Small Grants to Third Sector Groups which are Registered with the Children and Family Wellbeing Service, including Grants to Individual Young People ref: 1696716/05/201922/05/2019
Overnight Short Breaks Unit East Lancashire ref: 1696816/05/201922/05/2019
Skelmersdale Rail Link - Strategic Outline Business Case ref: 1696116/05/201922/05/2019
Hud Hey Road, Haslingden - Shared Use Cycle Track and Waiting Restrictions ref: 1696216/05/201922/05/2019
Transport Information Centres - Expressions of Interest Progress Report ref: 1696316/05/201922/05/2019
Delegation of Library Function to Preston City Council at the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library ref: 1696516/05/201922/05/2019
The Provision of Additional Primary School Places in North Burnley ref: 1696916/05/201922/05/2019
General Overview of the existing Museum Service - LMCRRecommendations Approved
Notices of MotionRecommendations Approved
Constitution and Standing OrdersRecommendations Approved
Business Review - April 2019Recommendations Approved
Statutory Accounts & Annual Tax ReturnRecommendations Approved