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Speed camera installed on Barden Lane past the bridge.

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to to install a 30mph speed limit camera on Barden Lane, Burnley after the bridge towards Fence.

Speeding has always been considered an issue in the area, however, after a serious accident recently it has become apparent that a speed camera is a necessity in order to prevent more serious crimes being committed by reckless driving.

This ePetition ran from 05/12/2018 to 16/01/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

We were concerned to hear of the recent collision on Barden Lane. We have passed on your concerns about late night speeding to the Police. They asked that any further incidents of dangerous driving, ideally with a vehicle registration number, should be reported to them via telephone number 101 or online at: https://www.lancashire.police.uk/contact-us/
We can confirm there has been no recorded injury collisions, on this section of Barden Lane in the previous five years to suggest significant road safety concerns; it therefore fails to justify the need for the county council to consider traffic calming measures at this time.
We have no current plans to provide any more fixed speed cameras. Instead, we are directing our resources towards mobile speed enforcement, so that the benefits of these activities are spread around the county.
The Speed Management Group, which is a partnership between the Police and ourselves, will assess the information gathered. This will determine where the programme of speed management measures needs to be targeted. The proposed programme for 2019/20 will be published towards the end of March 2019.
We would like to is assure you that we are looking to address the issues of speeding across Lancashire in a way that best manages our limited resources.