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We call for action to combat speeding and accidents on Whalley Road, Clitheroe

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to put into place road safety measures to combat the speeding and accidents on Whalley Road, Clitheroe.

The residents of Whalley Road, Clitheroe are regularly disturbed by accidents and incidents during the night and frequently go out to assist. The most recent one being 12th April at 2am where the Police, Fire brigade and Ambulance services were called. It is important to reduce the amount of injuries and deaths on this road. Within the last 18 months there have been numerous incidents including 3 fatalities on Whalley Road.

This ePetition ran from 01/05/2019 to 21/06/2019 and has now finished.

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Council response

Our officers have looked into the safety record on Whalley Road and there have been 4 collisions resulting in fatality in the last 5 years, with 3 occurring in 2018, the dates of the collisions are as follows:-


The fatality on 28 January 2018 relates to a crash attributed to aquaplaning following flooding during poor weather and appropriate warning signs had been placed to make drivers aware of the potential danger. This is the only fatality that specifically related to the highway condition or characteristic albeit transient.

The other collisions are all attributed to the driver condition, two are medical incidents including a cyclist suffering a medical incident. The third of these is due to alcohol impairment.

Considering the collisions that have occurred over the last 5 years, there is not much we can implement in the highway that would address these collisions, it's just by chance that this stretch has suffered a number of these types of incident which perhaps we need to try and make the public more aware of.

We hope that this information is of use to you.