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Broad Lane, Whalley - Speed Calming Measures

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to place speed calming measures down Broad Lane in Whalley due to speeding traffic using Broad Lane.

Pedestrians, dog walkers and children all use the lane to either get to the village, school or walk in the countryside
Most vehicles using Broad Lane, show no courtesy or care when passing pedestrians.

This ePetition ran from 13/05/2019 to 24/06/2019 and has now finished.

13 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Broad Lane is subject to a sign only 20mph speed limit. There have been no collisions resulting in injury recorded on Broad Lane within the last 5 years and there is a good safety record.

Our budgets for safety measures are primarily aimed at those sites where collisions resulting in injury occur on a frequent basis and there is the ability to demonstrate accident/collision reduction.

Therefore we are unable to justify further measures as requested at this time.