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Speed Reduction Holt Lane, Brindle, Chorley

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to reduce the speed limit on Holt Lane, Brindle as the national speed limit is no longer fit for purpose. This is for the most part a single track lane with blind bends and a high volume of traffic. Reduce the speed limit to 20 MPH to protect safety and the lives of Lancashire Citizens and animals (dogs, horses etc) before a fatality and serious incident arises. . Several accidents & numerous near misses have occurred but not reported, masking the severity of the situation and the dangers to citizens. This would complement the speed reduction measures proposed for other parts of Brindle, as along with Sandy Lane, Water Street, Top o'th Lane and Denham Lane, Holt Lane forms a circular route around the village.

The issue on Holt Lane is exacerbated due to a number of cars and their occupants congregating in the evenings and weekends in the car park at Denham Quarry. The cars quickly pick up extremely high speeds as they approach and leave the quarry.

This ePetition runs from 22/01/2020 to 31/05/2020.

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