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Reduction/removal of double yellow lines on one side on Padiham Road Sabden adjacent to local shop to aid difficulties in parking in village, reduce speed of cars coming through village and safety for children at local school.

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to reduce/remove double yellow lines on one side of Padiham Road, Sabden to reduce speeding through village and allow sufficient parking provision for working families living in terraced housing.

*Numerous residents who reside on this road are working families, with at least one car and mostly two vehicles.
*With properties on both sides and double yellow lines on both sides, residents are very limited to parking, especially those who finish work late.
*Provision for parking in Sabden is extremely limited, with numerous streets parking on pavements and in bus stops, as most properties in central Sabden are terraced houses.
*The local car park doesn’t have sufficient capacity for all the properties and sizes of vehicles/vans and isn’t safe as youths are often seen kicking footballs and gathering near public toilets.
*The local shop has numerous customers all times of the day, resulting in them resorting to parking on double yellow lines.
*Speeding through the village is an ongoing and growing issue, with local police in agreement and a number of reports and concerns from residents regarding safety, especially in such close proximity to the local council school. Parked vehicles result in a reduction in speed.
*In addition to this vehicles that are parked around the corner, close to Alston Close have been damaged due to narrow road and refuse wagons being unable to get through. Vehicles also have to resort to park on blind spots, making it unsafe for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles.
*Maintenance of flora on this parking area (near Alston Close), isn’t maintained resulting in damage to vehicles from over hanging foliage.

This ePetition runs from 24/06/2020 to 05/08/2020.

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