Executive post

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools


The Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools is responsible

as lead member for:


1.  Children’s Services and has responsibility for the following functions:


·  Children’s Integrated Services

·  Children's Social Care

·  Special Educational Needs 

·  School Attendance

·  Educating Excluded Pupils/Pupil Welfare

·  Early Years and Childcare

·  Corporate Parenting Board

·  Access and School Transport

·  School Improvement and Tackling Failure

·  Management

·  Children and Young People's Plan


2.  The Lancashire Healthy Care Programme


Responsible for:


·  Young People’s Service

·  Youth Justice

·  Teenage Pregnancy Strategy

·  Further, Higher and Adult Education (* see below)

·  Equality and Cohesion


*  provision of advice, support and financial services relating to students in or entering higher education and post 16 sector student transport arrangements.  All other responsibilities to be exercised by the Cabinet Member for Adult Services


(See Appendix A of the Constitution for specific decision making functions)

Contact information

Legal and Democratic Services
Lancashire County Council
County Hall, Preston

Email:  democratic.services@lancashire.gov.uk

Post is held by