Meeting attendance

Thursday, 30th January, 2020 6.00 pm, Corporate Parenting Board

Venue:   Committee Room 'C' - The Duke of Lancaster Room, County Hall, Preston

Contact:    Sam Gorton
Tel: 01772 532471 email:

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
County Councillor Ian Brown Chair Present
County Councillor Stephen Clarke Committee Member Apologies
County Councillor David Foxcroft Committee Member Present
County Councillor Jayne Rear Committee Member Present
County Councillor Julie Gibson Committee Member Present
Marieta Birt Committee Member Present
Liz Donnelly Nelson Committee Member Present
Six young people Committee Member Expected
Barbara Bath Committee Member Present
Angela Epps Co-optee Non-voting Apologies
Jeanette Woods Co-optee Non-voting Expected
Terri Crossland Co-optee Non-voting Expected
Roxanne McAllister Co-optee Non-voting Present
Lynda Pearson Co-optee Non-voting Present
Stephen Young Co-optee Non-voting Apologies
Dylan Williams Co-optee Non-voting Expected
Michael Walder Co-optee Non-voting Expected
Judith Gault Co-optee Non-voting Present
Sam Gorton Democratic Services, Lancashire County Council Clerk Present
Jane Hylton Observer Present
Tracey Ellmore Observer Apologies
Kirsty Clarke Observer Present
Jane Jones Co-optee Non-voting Present
Sharon Hubber Officer Present
Umer Khonat Officer Present
Laura Sales Officer Present