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Lancashire SACRE - Quality and Standards Sub-group

Contact information

Misbah Bhatti
Tel 01772 530818 email &nbsp;<a href="mailto:misbah.bhatti@lancashire.gov.uk">misbah.bhatti@lancashire.gov.uk</a>

Legal and Democratic Services
PO Box 78
County Hall

Phone: 01772 530818

Our representatives

  • Ms J Busby    (Representing the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Mr B McMullen    (Representing the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Mr S Jones    (Representing the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Mr C Wills    (Representing the United Reformed Church)
  • Mr P Baker    (Representing Assemblies of God)
  • Ms I Hussain    (Representing islam)
  • Mr H Mulla    (Representing Islam)
  • Mr Z Anwar - (represenrtting Islam)
  • Mrs H Shukla    (Representing Hinduism)
  • Kelsang Pagpa    (Representing Buddhism)
  • Mrs J O'Rourke    (Representing the Church of Enland)
  • Mrs H Sage    (Representing the Church of England)
  • Mr J Wilson    (Representing the Church of England)
  • Mr P Martin  (Chairman)  (Representing the ASCL)
  • Ms J Crabtree    (Representing the NUT)
  • Mr D Fann    (Representing the NAHT)
  • CC P Buckley    (Representing Lancashire County Council)
  • CC A Cheetham    (Representing Lancashire County Council)
  • Mr F Williams    (Representing Lancashire County Council)
  • Ms J Harris  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Teachers in the Secondary Sector)
  • Mrs K Cooper  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Representing the LASGB)
  • Ms J Clarke  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Representing NATRE)
  • Mr F Farrell  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Representing Higher Education Sector)
  • Dr Malcolm Craig (Observer) - (Representing the Bahá’i Faith)
  • Mr A Brennand  (Observer)  (Representing Pagan Federation)
  • Ms J Jarvis  (Observer)  (Representing the BHA)
  • Mrs Alice Robinson - (Representing the ATL)
  • Ms Lisa Horobin - (Representing the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education)
  • Mrs Moira Pate - (Representing the Balshaw's Church of England High School)
  • Mr Ephraim Guttentag - (representing Judaism).
  • Mr Afrasiab Anwar
  • Ishwer Tailor
  • Ms Julie Roper - Representing the NASUWT
  • County Councillor Ms Sobia Malik
  • County Councillor Yousuf Motala