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Preston City: application number LCC/2019/0006
Variation of condition 2 of permission 06/13/0528 for the amendment of the approved drawings to regularise departures from the approved design. Broughton Bypass, Preston.

Decision Maker: Development Control Committee

Decision status: For Determination

Is Key decision?: No


DC Committee report


As a member of the public had requested to speak on this item, it was agreed that the item be brought forward and heard before item 4.


A report was presented on an application for the variation of condition 2 of permission 06/13/0528 for the amendment of the approved drawings to regularise departures from the approved design with regard to the Broughton Bypass, Preston.


The report included the views of Preston City Council, the Environment Agency, the Lead Local Flood Authority, Highways England and details of one letter of representation received.


The Development Management Officer presented a PowerPoint presentation showing an aerial view of the site and the nearest residential properties. The Committee was also shown photographs of the by-pass from various aspects and an illustration showing the turning head and drainage works on D'Urton Lane.


The Development Management Officer reported orally that it was proposed to amend Condition 5 to read:-


'Within two months of the date of this permission, the drainage works shown on drawing CHA1E0252-500-SK001 shall be implemented in full. The drainage works shall thereafter be maintained in full working order at all times'.


The officer also reported that a further representation had been received from a resident of Gray's Cottage, D'Urton Lane. The resident was concerned that exploratory works for the proposed drainage pipe had commenced prior to this issue being considered by the Committee although he acknowledged that the drainage proposals would help to satisfy part of his objection.


However, he was concerned that the applicant's offer to do a survey of the noise impacts of the 4th lane or to install further noise attenuation fencing had not been taken up. The resident had offered to do his own noise recordings which showed that noise levels were significantly above World Health Organisation recommended levels.


The resident considered that the report did not fully represent his objections and therefore stated that he would do this through his presentation to committee.


The resident addressed the committee and reiterated the concerns raised in the committee report with regard to the location and design of the turning head on D'Urton Lane.  He advised that it was too far from the end of the cul de sac and occupied by parked cars. This prevented the area functioning as it should thereby compromising cyclist safety on the Guild Wheel and the safety of school children accessing the nearby primary school. The committee was also informed that the visibility splays did not comply with safety standards.


Officers responded to questions raised by the Members with regard to the safety issues raised by the resident and to the noise and air quality impacts associated with the incorporation of the additional lane on the approach to the M55 roundabout. Following further debate it was Moved and Seconded that:


"A further condition be imposed to require the applicant to undertake a survey of the noise impacts of the 4th lane to establish whether further noise attenuation fencing is necessary"


On being put to the vote the Motion was Carried.


The additional condition is set out below for completeness.


'9.  Within two months of the date of this permission, a report detailing the impacts of the additional 4th lane on the approach to the M55 / A6 roundabout on noise levels at Gray's Cottage on D'Urton Lane shall be submitted to the County Planning Authority. The report shall be based upon a noise assessment undertaken in accordance with Design Manual  for Roads and Bridges Volume 11, Section 3, Part 7 HD213/11 and  shall detail  the noise levels at Gray's Cottage with and without the 4th lane being in operation.  The report shall also include information on the design and location of further noise mitigation measures should the need for such measures be demonstrated by the noise monitoring exercise. Any mitigation measures contained in the approved report shall be implemented within two months of the date of approval of the report and shall be maintained thereafter.


Resolved: That subject to the amendment to condition 5 above, the inclusion of the additional condition (9) above and to the applicant first providing a section 106 undertaking to provide for the management of ecological mitigation measures for a period of 15 years in accordance with an approved environmental management plan, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions set out in the report to the committee.

Report author: Jonathan Haine

Date of decision: 11/09/2019

Decided at meeting: 11/09/2019 - Development Control Committee

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