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Corporate Risk and Opportunity Register Quarter 1 2019/20

Meeting: 20/05/2019 - Audit, Risk and Governance Committee (Item 7)

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Paul Bond, Head of Legal and Democratic Services, presented the quarter one Corporate Risk and Opportunity Register for 2019/20.


The following points were highlighted:


·  It was confirmed that the Corporate Management Team had completed the annual review of the register which had been updated to reflect the current priorities and was aligned to the Annual Governance Statement.


·  Corporate Risk (CR) 1: reshaping the County Council, replaced the previous risk regarding delivering the operational plan which had been given a 12 month timeframe. CR1 incorporated workforce planning and phase 2 of the service challenge process.


·  CR5: recruit and retain experienced staff across the organisation which had replaced the risk focussed on Children's services staffing and had been broadened to include addressing skill shortages across the whole organisation.


·  CR11: future provision of ICT services. This was a new risk relating to the work underway to address the upcoming expiration (2021) of the ICT contract with BTLS.


·  There were two new Corporate Opportunities (CO) that had been identified: CO3, fair funding and business rate retention and CO4, working collaboratively with key health partners in order to develop our offer to the health economy.


In response to a question it was confirmed that with regard to CO3, Central Government had changed their interpretation of the criteria for assessment for the one year pilot for business rate retention. It was emphasised that other authorities were in the same position and the council would maintain the position of keeping to the original agreement when the county council began the pilot.


Resolved: That the updated Corporate Risk and Opportunity Register as set out be noted.