Agenda and draft minutes

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Appointment of Chair for the Meeting


County Councillor Marcus Johnstone was proposed and seconded as Chair for the meeting.


Resolved: That County Councillor Marcus Johnstone be appointed as Chair for the meeting


Apologies for absence


Apologies were received from Councillor John Potter


Minutes of the last meeting pdf icon PDF 40 KB

To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on 2 July 2014 as a correct record (copy enclosed)


Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting held on 2 July 2014 be confirmed as a correct record.


Gypsies and Travellers

A verbal update will be given at the meeting


Gary Hall, Chief Executive of Chorley, updated the committee on progress with the further study work on Gypsies and Travellers. It was reported that the consultants were now reviewing the information, and the final report was expected in October / November.


The Committee expressed their thanks to Chorley for hosting this work.



Central Lancashire Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Supplementary Planning Document Update

A verbal update will be given at the meeting


The draft SPD had been approved for consultation by each of the partner authorities. It was noted that there was no longer a centrally held Central Lancashire held database of consultees, hence the requirement for each authority to consult its residents and key stakeholders as it feels appropriate.


It was noted that the consultation process would be likely to draw out views and comments on shale gas extraction ("fracking"), noting that decisions on this were due in the next few months.


Local Plans

Verbal updates will be given at the meeting


Each partner council provided an update on their Local Plan.



The Site Allocations Plan was due for examination commencing 21 October. No substantive issues were so far felt to be coming forward, but this would be clearer in the next week.

The City Centre Plan was to be the subject of a report to Preston's Full Council on 16 October n order to proceed to publication stage. This would be followed by a 6 week period for representations, with submission sometime early in the new year.


South Ribble

South Ribble was reasonably well advanced with the Site Allocation Plan. A separate Development Plan Policy document on Gypsies and Travellers had been developed, and consultation undertaken. Consultation was also taking place on the Cuerden Strategic Development Site – response so far having been largely positive. The document would be adopted early in the new year, unless there was a requirement for a further examination day.



The Local Plan Examination Hearing was reconvened on 23 September and completed in one day. A further 6 week consultation period will take place on the proposed modification to the Travellers site plan, albeit that the modification is simply the naming of the site. It is envisaged that the Local Plan will be adopted in February 2015.



A review was being started of the Minerals and Waste Development Plan to extend the life of the plan from 2021/22 to 2031/32. A scoping document would be produced and published by the end of the year.

A Supplementary Planning Document is due to be published on onshore oil and gas exploration. The consultation will take place by the end of the year, with the document in place during 2015.



Community Infrastructure Levy and Education

Report to follow.



This item was deferred until the next meeting.


City Deal

A verbal update will be given at the meeting


Each partner council provided an update on City Deal activity


South Ribble

A number of positive developments were reported, particularly in relation to residential sites. A number of specific site updates were provided. It was felt that the employment sites had taken longer to pick up, but that progress was now beginning. The work on the "Central Park" green space project was also noted as being a key element of the South Ribble approach to the City Deal, and it was reported that a Master plan for this project was being drawn up.



It was reported that the focus had so far been on development in the North West of the City, and that there was positive news here. Strong progress had been made with engaging the communities in the area, and discussion with key partners had commenced to address issues raised around infrastructure. The work on Fishergate was highlighted.



The consultation on the route for the Preston Western Distributor road had ended, and the Council was now determining its preferred route, with a report to the Cabinet Member in November. It was originally intended that any work on this would commence in 2016, but options for bringing this forward were being considered.

In relation to the Compulsory Purchase Order for all remaining land for the Broughton By-pass Route, The Secretary of State had confirmed that there would be a public enquiry into the CPO, likely to be in or around March 2015.

The Fishergate scheme was again raised, and it was reported that work would be completed by mid-November, and that attention would then turn to the second phase of the project, linking to work on the Bus Station.

Consultation was underway until 26 October on the Penwortham By-pass preferred route, with significant interest having been generated, and a large number of responses received.

A number of developments around the A582 in South Ribble were also noted.


In noting the updates, the committee praised the work undertaken on Fishergate, but raised concerns about the increase in A boards and other obstructions, and the current position with parking and deliveries. It was confirmed that these issues would be a high priority following the completion of the work. The Committee requested strong enforcement measures be utilised wherever possible.



Cuerden Strategic Site

A verbal update will be given at the meeting


An update was presented on the Cuerden Strategic Site, a key 65-hectare major investment site for employment use in South Ribble. It was reported that the site is now largely (44 out of the 65 hectares) in the ownership of the County Council, and that progress was being made.


A Masterplan for the site would shortly be presented to South Ribble's Planning Committee to go out for consultation until 16 December, as part of which a presentation would be made to the next meeting of this committee.  It was hoped that this would then be approved by South Ribble early in 2015 in advance of formal planning applications later in the year.


The significance of the site was emphasised in terms of employment opportunities, which were reported to have been estimated at between 3000-6000 jobs. It was made clear that a holistic approach would be taken to the site development, linking to infrastructure improvements, work on enhancing local people's skills, and also taking into account issues such as accessibility and public transport.


Any Other Business


It was requested that the next meeting of the Committee consider an update on the position in relation to an additional crossing over the Ribble.


Date and Venue of next meeting

The next meeting of the Central Lancashire Strategic Planning Joint Advisory Committee will be held on Monday 15 December 2014 at the South Ribble Borough Council Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland


The next meeting will be on Monday 15 December at the South Ribble Borough Council Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland