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Adult Social Care Survey 2017-18


Tony Pounder, Director of Adult Services, presented a report on the Adult Social Care Survey 2017-18. This was a national survey that had been used to collect the view of adult social care service users since 2010/11.


It was reported that the main purpose of the survey was to provide assured, benchmarked local data to support local decision making in a challenging financial climate. The survey provided an overall quality of life index and intelligence, to identify if different types of service users experienced different outcomes, and whether services were meeting service users' needs.


A stratified random sample of 1,164 people had been selected from the eligible population, who were adult social care users in receipt of long term support services, fully or partially funded or managed by the local authority, following a full assessment of need.


The four strata were:


Learning disabilities – all ages

Non learning disabilities aged 18-64

Non learning disabilities aged 65+ in residential and nursing care

Non learning disabilities aged 65+ receiving community based services


Service users were asked questions in relation to the following:


·  Overall satisfaction with care and support

·  Having choice over care and support

·  Social care related quality of life

·  How easy/difficult it was to find information and advice about support, services or benefits

·  Health

·  Doing things for themselves

·  Getting around in their local area

·  Type of help and support received

·  Suitability of home

·  Demographics


Lancashire's scores for the following Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework indicators were provided in the report:


·  (1A) Social Care - related quality of life

·  (1B) The proportion of people who use services who have control over their daily Life

·  (1I part 1) service users - Proportion of people who use services and their carers, who reported that they had as much social contact as they would like

·  (1J) Adjusted Social care-related quality of life – impact of Adult Social Care services

·  (3A) Overall satisfaction of people who use service with their care and support

·  (3D1) The proportion of people who use services and carers who find it easy to find information about services

·  (4A) The proportion of people who use services who feel safe

·  (4B) The proportion of people who use services who say that those services have made them feel safe and secure


A year on year comparison in Lancashire from 2015/16 was provided, and the Committee noted that there had been a statistically significant increase in the proportion of people who use services who felt safe (76% in 2017/18 and 70% in 2016/17).


Details of Lancashire's scores compared to other North West councils were provided, along with comparisons to the 15 other councils in the Lancashire peer group.


It was reported that Lancashire's results were very similar to all the North West authorities and that significant improvements in some areas had been seen compared to the previous year.


Tony Pounder answered questions from Members on the survey.


County Councillor Driver wished to place on record his thanks to all officers involved with the survey for all their hard work.


Resolved: That the Cabinet Committee on Performance Improvement note:


(i)  The report's summary and findings from the Adult Social Care Survey 2017-18 contained in the Executive Summary of Appendix 'A'.


(ii)  That the 2017/18 survey results are statistically very similar to those of the previous two years but with a statistically significant improvement in the numbers of people who use services who say they feel safe.


(iii)  That Lancashire's survey results are statistically broadly comparable to those of other North West Councils and of other County Councils.

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