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Hyndburn Borough: application number LCC/2021/0028 Erection of building for metal storage and processing, Unit 3E, Bolton Avenue, Huncoat Industrial Estate, Accrington


A report was presented on an application for the erection of a building for metal storage and processing atUnit 3E, Bolton Avenue, Huncoat Industrial Estate, Accrington. The application site was currently used for scrap metal processing outdoors. The proposal would allow for the metal processing and recycling facilities to take place in a fully enclosed environment.


The report included the views of Hyndburn Borough Council, the Environment Agency, LCC Highways, United Utilities and the Lead Local Flood Authority. Seven representations objecting to the proposal had been received.


Committee's attention was drawn to the Update Sheet which included details of a further letter of objection received and the officer's response to those concerns.


The Development Management Officer presented a Powerpoint presentation showing a site location plan with the nearest residential properties, an aerial view of the application site and existing site, site layout plan, swept path analysis and cross sections, proposed elevations and photographs of the proposed site entrance off Bolton Avenue, views of the current condition of the site and the view from Whinney Hill Road.


Mr Sproston, agent for the applicant, addressed the Committee and made the following points:


'The site is currently used to process scrap metal and lies within the Huncoat industrial estate, with the applicant owning the adjoining site to the north. As detailed in the officers report, the applicant received planning permission in March 2020 for the erection of a metal storage and processing building by Hyndburn Borough Council although, due to the nature of the application, the application should have been dealt with by Lancashire County Council. A number of comments were received from local residents once the site was operational, due to the noise issues from the works associated with the site. The Environment Agency were involved in investigating the activities at the site and, wanting to resolve this issue, the applicants met with Hyndburn Borough Council to discuss the preferred method forward, whereby it was suggested that the works could be enclosed within a building to reduce the noise impacts. As such, HML Recycling Ltd then submitted this application to Lancashire County Council. As also alluded to, Hyndburn Borough Council have expressed their support in favour of this when consulted, during this live application. The submitted noise impact report further shows that the building will allow the activities to be continued at the site enclosed within this building, without causing adverse noise and disturbance impacts to the local residents. The Environment Agency are in agreement with the findings of the report and supportive of the proposals. Therefore, in my opinion, the main concern and reason for this application has been addressed through this submission. The officers report also notes that the remaining consultees do not object to the proposals, subject to a number of conditions being imposed, including both drainage and highways matters, and the applicant is happy to accept all of the conditions as proposed with any pre-commencement conditions discharged in due course. Overall, this application has addressed the primary concerns of local residents, thoroughly encasing the works within the building. There are no other issues that cannot be adequately addressed via planning condition.


After a discussion, it was Proposed and Seconded:


"That the Recommendation in the report be approved, subject to the hours of working in Condition 3 being amended to a start time on Saturdays of 8.00am rather than 7.00am."


Resolved: That planning permission be granted subject to:


(i)  conditions relating to working programme, highway safety, hours of working, impacts on neighbour amenity and surface water drainage, as set out in the Committee report.


(ii)  The hours of working in Condition 3 being amended to a start time on Saturdays of 8.00am.


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