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Updated Terms of Reference

30/04/2024 - Updated Terms of Reference

The committee considered its updated terms of reference, following Full Council's approval of a new Constitution for Lancashire County Council on 14 March 2024.


It was requested that a report on the basis for and process to appoint an independent, co-opted member to the committee's membership be presented at the next meeting, including a review of the committee's terms of reference in relation to the recently published "ten questions for audit committees" by the Local Government Association.


It was noted that the person(s) co-opted would need to have suitable background and expertise to support the committee's work. At other authorities, similar roles were often held by former auditors.


Resolved: That


i)  The Audit, Risk and Governance Committee's updated terms of reference be noted; and


ii)  A report on the process to appoint at least one independent, non-voting co-opted member, in line with the updated terms of reference, be provided at the next Audit, Risk and Governance Committee meeting on 22 July 2024.