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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £2.2 million (from 1 April 2024).

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Provision of Speech and Language Support ref: 2579709/07/202409/07/2024
The Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School MUGA ref: 2579511/07/202411/07/2024
Procurement Report ref: 2577411/07/202417/07/2024
Queen Street Mill Museum, Burnley ref: 2577711/07/202417/07/2024
Friargate North, Preston - Abandonment of Existing Traffic Regulation Order and Implementation of an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order ref: 2576711/07/202417/07/2024
Lancashire Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2023/24 ref: 2577211/07/202417/07/2024
Provision of Bus Stop Clearways, Liverpool Road, Penwortham ref: 2577511/07/202417/07/2024
Lancashire County Council Building Condition Programme ref: 2576811/07/202417/07/2024
SEND Sufficiency Strategy Implementation - Provision of Additional Special School Places at Bleasdale School, Silverdale, Carnforth ref: 2578011/07/202417/07/2024
Attendance at Fundamentals Training – October, November, December 2024 ref: 2579009/07/202409/07/2024
Burnley Town 2 Turf Subway Infill ref: 2578904/07/202404/07/2024
Lancashire Economic Growth and Development Investment Fund - Funds Managed by Strategic Development ref: 2577011/07/202417/07/2024
Lancashire Place Plan ref: 2577111/07/202417/07/2024
Public Health Strategy 2024-2030 ref: 2577611/07/202417/07/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Larches and Savick Community Association (LASCA) ref: 2578811/07/202411/07/2024
The Future of Maintained Nursery Provision at Whittlefield Community Primary School, Burnley ref: 2578311/07/202417/07/2024
Recommendation of the Edward Stocks Massey Bequest Fund Joint Advisory Committee ref: 2577811/07/202417/07/2024
Lancashire County Council's Productivity Plan 2024 ref: 2576911/07/202417/07/2024
Temporary Road Safety Signs - Best Practice Guidance for Assessment and Deployment ref: 2578111/07/202417/07/2024
National Smokefree Lancashire Grant 2024/25 ref: 2577311/07/202417/07/2024
Cultural Services Strategy 2024-2028 ref: 2576611/07/202417/07/2024
Refreshed Equality Objectives and Strategy 2024/28 ref: 2577911/07/202417/07/2024
Brindle Road (Hospital Inn) Bus Stop Improvements ref: 2576511/07/202417/07/2024
Annual Reports of the County Council's Champions ref: 2576311/07/202417/07/2024
The County Council's Financial Position - 2023/24 Outturn ref: 2578211/07/202417/07/2024
Annual Reports of the Lead Members ref: 2576411/07/202417/07/2024
Champion Grant - Bay Veterans Association ref: 2578410/07/202410/07/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Birkerstock Organisation ref: 2578604/07/202404/07/2024
Section 106 (Unilateral Undertaking) Agreement for Planning Application 01/2022/00185/FUL.Lancaster Business Park, Caton Road, Lancaster ref: 2576204/07/202404/07/2024
Red Rose Recovery Lancashire – Recovery Infrastructure Organisation ref: 2576119/06/202419/06/2024
Price uplift for Phoenix Futures ref: 2576019/06/202419/06/2024
HIV Support and Prevention Service ref: 2575919/06/202419/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service ref: 2575703/07/202403/07/2024
Transfer of Underspends from 23/24 Capital Drainage to 23/24 Capital Drainage Unallocated ref: 2575001/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (Bentham Road, Collingham Road and Whinfell Drive, Lancaster, Lancaster City) (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 202* ref: 2575201/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (St Martins Road and St Oswald Street, Lancaster, Lancaster City) (Revocation, Prohibition of Waiting and Taxi Stand) Order 202* ref: 2575301/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (St Martins Road, Lancaster, Lancaster City)(Introduction of Bus Stop Clearway) ref: 2575401/07/202401/07/2024
Requirement for the Appointment of Gatheral Solutions Ltd – June 24 ref: 2575120/06/202420/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Haslingden Community Link ref: 2575502/07/202402/07/2024
Stopping up of Highway Section 116 Highways Act 1980 - Futures Park, Bacup ref: 2574301/07/202401/07/2024
Child Vision Screening ref: 2574119/06/202419/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Skipton Road, Barnoldswick, Pendle Borough) (Revocation) Order 202* ref: 2574801/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (Wycoller Country Park Picnic Site Main Car Park, Wycoller Road, Colne, Pendle Borough) (Off Street Parking Places) Order 202* ref: 2574701/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (Spring Wood Country Park Picnic Site Main Car Park, Accrington Road, Whalley, Ribble Valley Borough) (Off Street Parking Places) Order 202* ref: 2574601/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (Crook O'Lune Country Park Picnic Site Main Car Park, Low Road, Caton, Lancaster City) (Off Street Parking Places) Order 202* ref: 2574501/07/202401/07/2024
Lancashire County Council (Conder Green Country Park Picnic Site Main Car Park, Corricks Lane, Lancaster, Lancaster City) (Off Street Parking Places) Order 202* ref: 2574401/07/202401/07/2024
Essential Household Goods Support Scheme ref: 2574219/06/202419/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Heysham Neighbourhood Council ref: 2573801/07/202401/07/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Supportive Approachable Friendly Environment (SAFE) ref: 2574028/06/202428/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Westview Community Association ref: 2573728/06/202428/06/2024
Highways Act 1980 - Sections 119, 118 and 25 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53A Proposed Diversion, Extinguishment and Dedication of Public Paths at Height Barn Farm, Bacup ref: 2573527/03/202427/03/2024
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation into the existence of public rights along Chapel Street Court, Poulton-le-Fylde ref: 2573227/03/202427/03/2024
Highways Act 1980 - Section 119 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53A Diversion of Footpaths FP0113036 and FP0113037 at Ellel Quarry ref: 2573427/03/202427/03/2024
Highways Act 1980 - Section 119 Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 - Section 53A Diversion of Footpath at Little Bluestone Cottage, Mawdesley ref: 2573327/03/202427/03/2024
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation Addition and Deletion of Bridleway at Junction with Procter Moss Road, Over Wyresdale ref: 2573027/03/202427/03/2024
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation Upgrade of Footpath to Bridleway, Threagill Lane, Warton ref: 2573127/03/202427/03/2024
Progress Report on Previous Committee Items ref: 2572927/03/202427/03/2024
Provision of processed Residual Waste Compost Like Output Recovery Services (4 lots) ref: 2572527/06/202427/06/2024
Provision of Treated Residual Waste Recovery Services (4 lots) ref: 2572627/06/202427/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - 7th Clitheroe Brownies ref: 2572427/06/202427/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Rishton Festival ref: 2573927/06/202427/06/2024
Decision to Appoint Head of Legal Services ref: 2572226/06/202426/06/2024
Provision of Waste Metal Collection, Transportation and Recycling Services (Lot 2 – Middleton Transfer Station) ref: 2572314/06/202414/06/2024
In Year Changes to Outside Bodies Appointments ref: 2571624/06/202424/06/2024
Proposed amendments to Rural Carriageway Programme 19/20, 20/21, 21/22, 22/23, 23/24 ref: 2571725/06/202425/06/2024
Support in Safe Accommodation and Outreach Services for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse ref: 2572126/06/202426/06/2024
HAF e-voucher platform – JB/ICT/LCC/24/1876 ref: 2571910/06/202410/06/2024
Cam Brow Flex MSE Retaining Wall ref: 2570921/06/202421/06/2024
Horizons Renewal ref: 2570821/06/202421/06/2024
Champion Grant - Larches and Savick Community Association ref: 2571325/06/202425/06/2024
Transfer of Budget from PPMS 14816 to PPMS 15323 ref: 2571024/06/202424/06/2024
Award of Hire Vehicles ref: 2571125/06/202425/06/2024
Digitised Traffic Regulation Orders (DTRO) ref: 2571225/06/202425/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 13190 ref: 2570517/06/202417/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 15464 ref: 2570717/06/202417/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 13190 ref: 2570611/06/202411/06/2024
Request for Waiver of Procurement Rules - Installation of a Sheet Piled Wall Reinforcement on Church Brow, Walton-le-dale ref: 2569324/06/202424/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 15163 ref: 2570215/06/202415/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Tarleton Cricket Club ref: 2569024/06/202424/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 13191 ref: 2570417/06/202417/06/2024
Extension of the Residential Preferred Provider List for Short Term Beds ref: 2570014/06/202414/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Friends of the Lancashire County Ensembles (FLCE) ref: 2569724/06/202424/06/2024
Feasibility funds for PPMS ID 13191 ref: 2570324/05/202424/05/2024
Transfer of Budget from PPMS 14819 to PPMS 15323 ref: 2570124/06/202424/06/2024
Champion Grant - SMILE (PRESTON) (SELF MOTIVATION IN LASTING ENDORPHINS) ref: 2568720/06/202420/06/2024
Champion Grant - Community Solutions Northwest Ltd ref: 2568520/06/202420/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Fresh Food 4 Working Families ref: 2571520/06/202420/06/2024
Champion Grant - Stacksteads Countryside Park Group ref: 2568920/06/202420/06/2024
Champion Grant - Salesbury Parish Council ref: 2568820/06/202420/06/2024
Champion Grant - Middleforth Coffee and Chat ref: 2568620/06/202420/06/2024
Procurement Initiative Plan Rawtenstall Gyratory Project May 2024 ref: 2568218/06/202418/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Pendle + Burnley District Angling Association ref: 2568419/06/202419/06/2024
Lodge Lane, Wennington, Lancaster City) (Revocation) Order 202* ref: 2567617/06/202417/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Adlington Street, Chapel Street and Church Street, Burnley, Burnley Borough) (Revocation, Prohibition of Waiting and Loading) Order 202* ref: 2567717/06/202417/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Ashley Street, Cavour Street, Grosvenor Street, Holme Road and Rectory Road, Burnley, Burnley Borough) (Revocation and Prohibition of Waiting) Order 202* ref: 2567817/06/202417/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Brierley Road, Four Oaks Road, Tramway Lane and Walton Summit Road, Bamber Bridge, South Ribble Borough) (Revocation, Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading) Order 202* ref: 2568017/06/202417/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Various Locations, Walton Summit, South Ribble Borough) (Introduction of Bus Stop Clearway) ref: 2568117/06/202417/06/2024
Champion Grant - Basically Cheer CIC ref: 2567919/06/202419/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Eccleston Brass Band ref: 2568318/06/202418/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Preston Road (A6) area, Clayton-Le-Woods and Whittle-Le-Woods, Chorley Borough) (Suspension, Prohibition of Waiting and Restriction of Waiting) Experimental Order 2023 ref: 2566613/06/202413/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - We Love Morecambe CIC ref: 2567518/06/202418/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - 37th Ormskirk (St. Anne's) Scout Group ref: 2569118/06/202418/06/2024
Lancashire County Council (Canal View Drive and Orrell Lane, Burscough, West Lancashire Borough) (Road Humps) ref: 2566513/06/202413/06/2024
Planning Obligation under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, for Planning Application 22/0461 (Land North of Cropper Road, Westby with Plumptons, Lancashire ref: 2566413/06/202413/06/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Friends of the Lancashire County Ensembles (FLCE) ref: 2567013/06/202413/06/2024
Highway Extent Investigation - Southport New Road, Tarleton ref: 2566312/06/202412/06/2024