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Road Issues, Moss Lane, Penwortham

fix the road issues on Moss Lane, Penwortham.

A petition has been received from Holme Farm Dairies, due to issues with the road on Moss Lane, Penwortham. The road surface is horrendous and is causing business loss, and customers were struggling to arrive at the business.

This Paper petition was received on 02/05/2024.

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This is a paper petition received by the county council. It has never been available for a signature online.

Council response

Thank you for your petition to Lancashire County Council Highways. We received your correspondence on 2 May 2024 and note that it raises concerns about the condition of the road surface on Moss Lane.

Lancashire County Council as a Highway Authority has a statutory duty under the Highways Act 1980 to maintain the publicly maintainable highway network. We inspect all the roads in our care at least once a year, and busier roads more often as part of our routine Highway Safety Inspections. This helps us to identify any defects which meet our minimum investigatory level. For carriageway, this means we repair any defect of 40mm deep. Our risk-based approach does mean that we will consider shallower defects for repair if they present a high risk to road users.

All our highway inspectors are trained to national standards and use a risk-based approach to identify defects for action which is set out in our Highways Safety Inspection (HSI) policy. A copy of which can be found online at: HSI - Policy (

Moss Lane is formally inspected annually as part of the above inspection programme. Our last visit was carried out on 18 December 2023, I'm pleased to say that at the time, no defects requiring our further intervention were identified.

However, we acknowledge that our highway network has suffered considerable damage in 2023/2024 resulting in unprecedented number of defects. The rate of deterioration has been significantly exacerbated by the high rainfall levels which have been between 135% and 175% of the recorded seasonal average since the summer of 2023 and throughout the winter period.

Bearing this in mind and following the recent concerns, we revisited Moss Lane on 3 May 2024 to undertake a further inspection of its condition. Unfortunately, since our last visit a number of issues were identified which would benefit from our further attention. Repairs to the road have been ordered and will be carried by end of May 2024.

Our annual resurfacing programme aligns with our long-term maintenance plan or TAMP (Transport Asset Management Plan) TAMP Phase 2 (2019/20 – 2024/25) - Lancashire County Council ( This takes a proactive approach to help ensure we carry out preventative maintenance at the most appropriate time, using the most cost-effective solution. This in turn reduces the rate of deterioration, preventing the need for more costly maintenance sooner than would normally be required.

Our analysis did not highlight Moss Lane as suitable for inclusion in our 2024/25 programme. It will, however, be assessed again as part of our work to create the draft 2025/26 programme.

Our Asset Management team evaluate the state of all the adopted highways in the county. They use this information to help compile our annual resurfacing programme. However, because we have to consider 4,600 miles of roads, it is not always possible to say which will be resurfaced during the year. Details of those roads and footways within Lancashire, which have been included in an improvement schemes can be found online at Road and Footway Improvement Programme Dashboard ( (

Should residents wish to report any defects on the Lancashire network directly, the best way to do this is with the Love Clean Streets mobile app. This is the quickest way to report highways issues and provides many benefits. It is simple to use, it allows anyone to log an issue in seconds, and they can track the progress of their report. Users can also add photos and use the 'location' service on their mobile device to pinpoint an issue. This extra information is really useful, as it allows us to locate a reported problem quickly. It often means we can deploy a repair team without having to conduct an initial site inspection. This saves even more time.

Highway users can find the app by searching for ‘Love Clean Streets’ on the Apple Store ( or the Google Play Store (

Our customer service helpline 0300 123 6780, provides another channel for reporting highways issues to us quickly. Especially for those who cannot access online services.