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New Hall Lane - Bus Lane

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to revoke the newly proposed bus lane on New Hall Lane. This decision stands in direct opposition to the concerns and best interests of the residents, businesses, and community members affected by this infrastructure change. The potential ramifications, including increased traffic congestion and disruptions to daily life, cannot be ignored. Therefore, we call upon the County Council to reconsider this ill-advised decision and prioritize the needs and well-being of the local populace. Revoking the proposed bus lane is essential to preserving the integrity and functionality of New Hall Lane for all those who rely on it for their daily activities.

I, Councillor Suleman Sarwar of St. Matthew’s Ward, am composing this petition to express disagreement with the proposed bus lane on New Hall Lane. Lancashire County Council’s recent decision to greenlight this project, despite the concerns raised by myself and numerous residents, is deeply troubling.

As the elected representative for the St. Matthew’s area, I am duty-bound to advocate for the best interests of my constituents. Since news of the proposed bus lane surfaced, I have been overwhelmed with messages from concerned residents who fear the negative impact it will have on our community.

The decision by Lancashire County Council’s cabinet to push forward with a bus-only road along one of Preston’s busiest routes in Fishwick/St Matthew’s raises serious questions. Why was this decision made without proper consultation with those directly affected by it? As a local councillor, I am perplexed by the lack of transparency and dialogue surrounding such a significant infrastructure change.

Furthermore, the absence of response from Lancashire County Council to the concerns raised by Friends of Fishwick and St. Matthew's Community Group is deeply disappointing. Their request to trial the proposed bus lane before full implementation was a reasonable and practical suggestion, yet they received no response which is deeply disappointing.

It is evident that many members of our community share my reservations about this decision. New Hall Lane serves as a vital artery connecting Preston city centre to the motorway, and any disruption to its flow of traffic will have far-reaching consequences. The potential for increased congestion during peak times is not just a theoretical concern; it is a reality that we, as residents who navigate these streets daily, understand all too well.

I urge Lancashire County Council to reconsider its approval of the bus lane and provide transparency regarding the research or testing that was conducted prior to its authorisation. Without concrete evidence that this scheme will alleviate traffic congestion rather than exacerbate it, proceeding with its implementation would be irresponsible.

Rather than squandering more funding on impractical schemes that serve no one, the focus should be on addressing the urgent need for road repairs, a longstanding issue that residents of Preston have been pleading with the council to tackle for years. Urban designers may not always have the best grasp of locally identified needs; decisions should not be made solely to secure additional government funding or follow the latest trend. Instead, why not seek adequate government funds to address the extensive pothole problem plaguing Lancashire, which affects everyone's daily lives

In light of the overwhelming opposition from myself and the community I represent, I implore Lancashire County Council to revoke its decision regarding the bus lane on New Hall Lane. Preston is not Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, or any other major city. Please reconsider and carefully consider the implications of your actions.

Councillor Suleman Sarwar
St. Matthew’s Ward

This ePetition runs from 14/05/2024 to 25/06/2024.

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