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Install pedestrian lights at the junction of Blackpool Rd/Plungington Road

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to to install crossing lights for pedestrians on Blackpool Road where the road meets Plungington Road.

Currently there are traffic lights for the cars going all directions, the traffic lights change very fast. It's hard to cross the full road when one set has turned red as the opposite lights then turn green, I find you're stood there for two to three cycles waiting for a safe opportunity to cross the rest of the road.
One of the problems is the cars that want to turn right into Blackpool Road, they can't find a gap when the lights are green so end up going on amber or red which is the only time pedestrians are able to cross the road meaning you are then waiting for the next set of lights to turn red again so you can cross.
On multiple occasions, just when you think you can cross, I have found that the traffic speeds up when the lights are on amber before it's even turned to green, narrowly missing pedestrians. I have almost been hit by oncoming traffic multiple times because they have sped up.
There aren't any pedestrian lights, the only time you can cross is when there's a few second break in the traffic light signalling.
The halfway point is very narrow too, it barely fits a pram and it never feels safe stood in the middle crossing point.
As a mother crossing that road is terrifying, the fact there is no lights for pedestrians to cross, it's a majorly busy road and the drivers deliberately speed up when you're crossing which makes it very unsafe.
There isn't a suitable crossing anywhere around there if you're trying to cross over. Its challenging to cross either side of Plungington Road but the worst by far is this main crossing across Blackpool Road to Plungington. Please make this safer for all the children that live in the area before there is a horrible accident.

This ePetition ran from 06/02/2018 to 20/04/2018 and has now finished.

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Council response

At this moment in time the county council have no plans to amend the traffic signals at this junction to introduce a pedestrian crossing facility other than the existing pedestrian refuge on Blackpool Road.

We will however, investigate the site and consider the possibility of introducing a pedestrian crossing on this section of highway at a future point.