Active and Completed ePetitions

The county council has now implemented a new Petitions Scheme, which sets out the procedures for submitting written and e-Petitions to the county council.

An e-Petition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions and supporting information to be made available to a potentially much wider audience than a traditional paper based petition.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the area can submit or sign an e-Petition.

E-Petitions are part of the county council’s ongoing commitment to listening to and acting on the views of the public.

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Supporting an e-Petition

To support an existing e-Petition choose an e-Petition and add your name, address and email address.

To find out more about the issue, see the supporting information, provided by the lead petitioner, attached to the e-Petition.

Submitting an e-Petition

An e-Petition can relate to any issue on which the county council is responsible for, either on its own or in partnership with another organisation.

Paper petitions

You can setup an e-Petition and a paper petition to run alongside each other. You must make sure that people do not sign both. You should tell us when you setup your e-Petition if you also intend to have a paper petition, and the paper petitions should be submitted on the same date as your e-Petition finishes.


This Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in the petitions do not necessarily reflect those of the providers.