Meeting attendance

Thursday, 18th April, 2024 2.00 pm, Forest of Bowland National Landscape

Venue:   Wild Fox Distillery, Lower Barker Farm, Button Street, Inglewhite, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 2LH

Contact:    Samantha Gorton

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
CC S Turner Chair Present
CC M Maxwell-Scott Committee Member Apologies
CC G Mirfin Committee Member Apologies
CC S Myers Committee Member Expected
Cllr R Elms Committee Member Present
Cllr S Handley Committee Member Expected
Cllr J Ibison Committee Member Present
Cllr B Newman Committee Member Expected
Cllr A Hindle Committee Member Present
Cllr R Colbridge Committee Member Present
Councillor Keith Martin Committee Member Expected
Colin Price Committee Member Apologies
Matthew Upton Committee Member Expected
Helen Dix Committee Member Present
Andrew Taylor Committee Member Apologies
Mark Sutcliffe Committee Member Present On behalf of Mike Pugh
David Kelly Committee Member Present
Martin Charlesworth Committee Member Present Attending on behalf of Marilyn Pilkington
Sonja Ludwig Committee Member Present
Neil Kilgour Committee Member Apologies
James Cooper Committee Member Expected
Jayne Ashe Officer Expected
Alison Boden Officer Present
Hetty Byrne Officer Present
David Hewitt Officer Apologies
Cathy Hopley Officer Present
Lucy Henwood Officer Apologies
Richard Camp Officer Expected
Andrew Laycock Officer Expected
Tom Pridmore Officer Expected
Alex Shutt Officer Present
Sandra Silk Officer Expected
Sarah Robinson Officer Present
Sharon Sunter Officer Expected
Mike Williams Officer Expected
Sam Gorton Officer Present
Shaun Berry Officer Apologies
Richard Hammond Officer Expected
Fran Evans Public Expected
Edwina Miller Public Expected
Brian Jones Public Expected
Debbie King Officer Present
Tony Lund Officer Present