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Public Rights of Way and Access Forum

Contact information

Garth Harbison

Legal and Democratic Services
PO Box 78
County Hall

Phone: 01772 530596

Our representatives

  • County Councillor Jimmy Eaton BEM (Chair)
  • County Councillor Ian Brown
  • County Councillor Cosima Towneley
  • County Councillor Andrew Snowden
  • County Councillor Stephen Clarke
  • Shirley Addy - Peak and Northern Footpath Society (PNFS)
  • Jenny Allen - Peak and Northern Footpath Society (PNFS)
  • Ms A Boden    (Wyre Borough Council representative)
  • Adam Briggs - National Farmers Union (NFU)
  • Mr W Britain    (Blackpool Borough Council representative)
  • Mrs J Burton    (British Horse Society representative)
  • Roy Chetham - Peak and Northern Footpath Society
  • Mr P Davies    (British Mountain Bike Federation representative)
  • Mr D Byrne    (Wyre Borough Council representative)
  • Mr R Eckersley    (Lancaster City Council representative)
  • Ms C Hodgson    (Countryside Land and Business Association representative)
  • Mr R Hogarth    (Long Distance Riders Group representative)
  • Brian Jones - Lancaster Ramblers Association
  • Mr D Kelly    Ramblers Association
  • Mr S Kent    (West Lancashire Borough Council representative)
  • Mr A Lawson    (Lancashire Association of Town and Parish Council representative)
  • Mrs S Northcott    (Peak and Northern Footpaths Society representative)
  • Mr T Partridge    (Pendle Borough Council representative)
  • Ms C Peat    (British Horse Society representative)
  • Mr B Pratt    (Green Lane Association representative)
  • Mike Prescott - Cycling UK
  • Dean Spencer - Green Lane Asociation
  • Mr R A Wright    (Highways Agency/Red Rose Land Rover Club representative)
  • Neil Herbert - Lancaster Ramblers Association
  • Alison Morgan - NFU