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Report of the Cabinet (Part A)

Decision status: Recommendations approved

Is Key decision?: No


Resolved: - That Standing Order 14.5.2 be waived for consideration of this item.


The Leader moved a report, seconded by the Deputy Leader, setting out recommendations of the Cabinet in respect of the County Council's budget for 2017/18.


In moving the report, the Leader notified Full Council of a number of changes to some of the figures detailed in the report. These were as follows:


Page 13 - recommendation (i) should read £3.995m in place of £4.056m;

Page 15 - 1st bullet point should read £1.654m in place of £1.715m;

Page 21 - Item 3 should read £1.654m (in 2017/18) and £1.770m (in 2018/19) in place of £1.715m and £1.750m;

Page 21 - the total cost of proposed amendments should read £3.995m (in 2017/18) and £6.115m (in 2018/19) in place of £4.056m and £6.095m.


The Leader also informed Full Council that, at its meeting on 13 July, Cabinet had requested that a report be brought to a future meeting on the current practice of the secondment of officers to the recognised Trade Unions, and options for the future.


In accordance with the requirements of procedural Standing Order 15.9.7, a recorded vote was taken. The names of the County Councillors who voted for or against the Motion and those who abstained are set out below:


For (46)


T Ashton

A Clempson

A Hosker

P Rigby

S Turner

A Atkinson

J Cooney

K Iddon

A Riggott

A Vincent

M Barron

G Driver

T Jones

A Schofield

C Wakeford

P Britcliffe

J Eaton

A Kay

J Shedwick

G Wilkins

I Brown

C Edwards

J Marsh

D Smith

P Williamson

P Buckley

D Foxcroft

E Nash

A Snowden

B Yates

J Burrows

A Gardiner

D O'Toole

P Steen


S Charles

G Gooch

M Perks

J Sumner


A Cheetham

M Green

E Pope

V Taylor


S Clarke

P Greenall

J Rear

C Towneley



Against (0)


Abstain (34)


T Aldridge

C Crompton

N Hennessy

T Martin

J Parr

A Ali

M Dad

S Holgate

J Mein

M Pattison

L Beavers

B Dawson

D Howarth

J Molineux

J Potter

J Berry

F De Molfetta

M Iqbal

Y Motala

K Snape

T Burns

K Ellard

H Khan

E Oades

M Tomlinson

L Collinge

J Fillis

E Lewis

G Oliver

D Whipp

L Cox

J Gibson

S Malik

M Parkinson



It was therefore:


Resolved: - That, as set out in the report, now presented:


(i)  An additional £3.995m be added to the 2017/18 revenue budget;

(ii)  An additional £7.071m be added to the 2017/18 capital budget.



Report author: Neil Kissock

Date of decision: 20/07/2017

Decided at meeting: 20/07/2017 - Full Council

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