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The Property Strategy - Responses to Consultation


County Councillor Alyson Barnes declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item as a trustee of the Crawshawbooth Community Association. County Councillor Jackie Oakes declared a non-pecuniary interest as a trustee of Whitewell Bottom Community Association.


The committee considered a report on the outcomes of the consultation in relation to the proposals agreed on 12 May 2016 regarding the Council's Property Strategy.


It was noted that, following the consultation, the proposal in respect of 28 properties had been changed from the initial proposals, and a summary was circulated to committee members for ease of reference.


The committee received a detailed overview of the proposals and the approach taken from officers, as set out in the detailed report.


In debating the report, the following County Councillors spoke in accordance with Standing Order 19(1): County Councillor Andrea Kay, County Councillor Paul Rigby, County Councillor Alan Schofield, County Councillor Keith Sedgewick, County Councillor Margaret Brindle, County Councillor Chris Henig.


A number of comments were made during the debate in relation to individual properties in a number of areas, and in relation to the process that would now be followed, especially in relation to the management of Expressions of Interest received and the transfer of properties where appropriate. It was noted that no decisions had yet been taken in relation to any next steps, pending the outcome of the Cabinet Decision at the forthcoming meeting. It was confirmed that a further update would be provided to Cabinet based on the issues raised in the debate.


During the debate, it was moved and seconded that ESC request Cabinet defer their decision to enable the creation of district level cross-party working groups to consider the proposals and make recommendations to Cabinet. On being put to the vote, the motion was lost.


It was further moved and seconded that ESC request Cabinet look at keeping a number of the facilities proposed for closure open. On being put to the vote, the motion was lost.


The Committee, following the debate, allowed a further opportunity for comments on a district by district basis.


Resolved:That therecommendations setout inthe reportto Cabinetbe noted,and thatno additional commentsor suggestedalternative recommendationsbe made


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