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Moss Hey Lane, Mere Brow

We the undersigned petition the county council to reconsider their decision to prohibit motor vehicles from using the southern arm of Moss Hey Lane at its junction with Southport New Road (A565) north east of Mere Brow

We believe the wrong decision has be made to close the junction at the southern arm of Moss Hey Lane. With the junction only being closed at one side and the central reservation still being left open to allow vehicles coming off Tarleton Moss to access the central reservation and turn right: how will this improve the safety of the crossing?
With a high volume of farm traffic using this junction surely it is safer for vehicles to travel straight across the junction rather than trying to manoeuvre large tractors with trailers and HGV's through the central reservation following with a sharp right turn.
This closure will increase the volume of traffic turning left at Mere Brow roundabout travelling past the local primary school creating a risk to school children.
This closure may also increase the volume of traffic using Green lane, a single carriageway road which is limited to 7.5 tonne vehicles. This road is well known in the area for cars descending into the ditches on either side. A road that is not fit for purpose.
So surely until The Green Lane link road has been implemented work on the closure of the Moss Hey lane junction should be put on hold.

This ePetition runs from 03/01/2019 to 14/02/2019.

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