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Traffic safety issues on Mowbreck Lane and Garstang Road North, Wesham

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to install a pedestrian crossing on Mowbreck Lane at the point where the footpath from the new estate (Sandmartin Ave) meets Mowbreck Lane. We also call on the council to introduce traffic calming measures on Mowbreck Lane and Garstang Road North from the junctions of Sanderlings Way and Mowbreck Lane and along Garstang Road North, past St Joseph's school and up to the junction with Fleetwood Road.

When the new Rowland homes site was being built next to Mowbreck Lane, they put in a pedestrian access point at the end of Sandmartin Ave where it meets Mowbreck Lane. This is excellent for pedestrians, however the access point does not have a gate and goes straight onto a busy road. The footpath is on the opposite side and it's difficult to see the fast moving traffic and farm vehicles to cross over, especially with kids and prams. I'm sure we all want to encourage our kids to walk to school but this really is not safe. Also the footpath on the opposite side is very narrow with overgrown hedges not helping the safety of the situation.
I am also very concerned about the very large number of vehicles, travelling way above the 20mph speed limit on both Mowbreck Lane and Garstang Road North past St Joseph's School. This stretch of road also goes past a park, a playing field, the school, a fire station and ambulance station. My children attend St Joseph's and I can honestly say, that unless something is done to address the speeding on this road, somebody, very likely children will get hurt or injured. I've also seen numerous posts on social media from Fylde police conducting road watch operations, where they have reported high numbers of speeding vehicles, the latest one was travelling at 39mph past the school at school finish time

This ePetition runs from 14/10/2019 to 25/11/2019.

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