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Speed Reduction Improvements on Sandy Lane, Brindle

We, the undersigned, petition the county council to reduce the National Speed limit zones on Sandy Lane to 40 MPH and introduce a chicane or other forms of speed calming measures through the 30MPH village centre (by the Church and Water Street junction) to improve levels of road an pedestrian safety.

National speed limit coming into the village leads drivers to enter village at speeds greater than the 30MPH current limit.

Riley green is 40mph ,approach to Abbey Village is 40mph then 30 mph, Hoghton is 40mph prior to 30mph. Sandy Lane is less safe than these roads yet the permitted road speed is 50% more

Junction with Water Street has restricted visibility of oncoming traffic travelling along Sandy Lane.

Sandy Lane has no street lighting ,limited footpaths that suddenly stop and pedestrians are expected to walk on the road , It is popular road for cyclists and horse riders and has several blind bends.

On many occasions vehicles can be seen in the hedge bottoms. In November 2019 there were 3 incidents and it was not icy conditions

This ePetition runs from 13/12/2019 to 08/05/2020.

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