Committee details

Corporate Parenting Board


  • CC I Brown  (Chair)  Lancashire County Council
  • CC A Gardiner   
  • CC P Williamson   
  • CC S Clarke   
  • County Councillor Julie Gibson   
  • Sally Allen   
  • Catherine    representing Adoption
  • Marieta Birt   
  • Six young people    representing Children in Care Council
  • Michelle Davies   
  • Karen Buckley   
  • Sam Gorton  (Clerk)  Legal and Democratic Services, Lancashire County Council
  • Caroline Waldron  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Lorraine Moody  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Roxanne McAllister  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Lynda Pearson  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Zoe Lowe  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Annette McNeil  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Stephen Young  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Dylan Williams  (Observer) 
  • Jane Hylton  (Observer) 
  • Tracey Ellmore  (Observer) 
  • Barbara Bath  (Observer) 
  • John Readman  (Co-optee Non-voting) 
  • Neil Kelly  (Observer) 

Contact information

Support officer: Sam Gorton. Tel: 01772 532471 email:

Postal address:
Legal and Democratic Services
PO Box 61
County Hall