Corporate Parenting Board - Wednesday, 26th July, 2023 1.30 pm

Members of the public are welcome to attend our meetings to watch them in person at any of the venues across the County. Publicly accessible meetings held in County Hall will be webcast, which means they are available to be watched live or recorded on our website. Please see our webcasting notice here. The Committee may, in certain circumstances, resolve to hold part of the meeting in private. If this is the case, you will be required to leave the meeting.

Venue: The Collaboration Hub, 3rd Floor, County Hall, Preston, PR1 8XJ

Contact: Samantha Gorton 

No. Item


Introduction and Who is Who Game (10 mins)


Stories/Readouts from Young People (10 mins)


Participation Creation (20 mins)


Break (10 mins)


Workshop Discussions (2 hours)

Table discussions (30 mins per table and then carousel style and move to next table)


Four table discussions


i)  Financial support – questions and budget recipe book creation 

ii)  Lasting homes – questions forever homes, my place my home – live independently 

iii)  Health and wellbeing – questions

iv)  Education, Employment and Training – questions


Focus on:


·  What is happening now?

·  What is yet to happen?

·  What would make the biggest change?

·  Who or what can make this happen?

·  How can young people find out what is going on or change made?



Final Feedback and Close (10 mins)