Outside bodies

There are a number of organisations which are independent from the council, but have an impact on its service areas.

In order that the council can maintain effective partnerships with a number of these organisations, representatives of the council, usually elected councillors, sit on the various committees and forums that are responsible for them.

To find the contact details for the council’s representative on a particular outside body please follow the relevant link.


Strategic outside bodies either make a substantial contribution to the achievement of the county council's overall responsibilities and priorities; directly or indirectly represent local government at a local, regional or national level; or require a county council appointment by statute and therefore not doing so would affect the county council's ability to properly discharge its functions and responsibilities.


Ward-based outside bodies are local organisations, groups or charities falling within one or more electoral division and which seek the county council's assistance in meeting local needs.


General outside bodies are voluntary or community organisations which either receive funding from the county council or where member representation will in some way provide clear 'added value' to the county council or Lancashire's residents.