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Lancashire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)


The Lancashire Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) is a committee made up of four groups: Representatives of the Christian denominations and other religions reflecting the principal religious traditions of the area; the Church of England; Teacher and head teacher associations; County Councillors.  The SACRE meets approximately four times a year.

The SACRE's main function is to advise the local authority on matters related to the religious education which follows the Agreed Syllabus, and on collective worship in schools. 

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Contact information

Misbah Mahmood
Tel (01772) 530818 Email: &nbsp;<a href="mailto:misbah.mahmood@lancashire.gov.uk">misbah.mahmood@lancashire.gov.uk</a>

Legal and Democratic Services
PO Box 78
County Hall

Phone: (01772) 530818

Our representatives

  • County Councillor Azhar Ali OBE
  • Robert Ash - Jewish Representative
  • CC A Cheetham    (Representing Lancashire County Council)
  • Mrs K Cooper  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Representing the LASGB)
  • Dr Malcolm Craig (Observer) - (Representing the Bahá’i Faith)
  • Professor Alan Gillies - (Representing) Methodist
  • Julie Gordon - Teacher Association ATL
  • Ms J Harris  (Co-optee Non-voting)  (Teachers in the Secondary Sector - shares with Kate Murry)
  • Ms Lisa Horobin - (Representing the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education)
  • Mufti Khalid Ibrahim - Islam
  • Ahmed James - Islam
  • Peter Lumsden - Building Bridges Burnley
  • Sajda Majeed - Building Bridges Burnley
  • Mr P Martin  (Chair)  (Representing the ASCL)
  • Mr B McMullen    (Representing the Roman Catholic Church)
  • County Councillor Yousuf Motala
  • Mrs J E O'Rourke    (Representing the Church of Enland)
  • Kelsang Pagpa    (Representing Buddhism)
  • Mufti Javid Pathan - Islam
  • Keith Pennington (Observer) - (Representing) Humanists
  • Carolyn Reade - University of Cumbria (Senior Lecturer)
  • Ms Julie Roper - Representing the NASUWT
  • Mrs Tibret Safraz - Islam
  • Mrs H Sage    (Representing the Church of England)
  • Mrs H Shukla    (Representing Hinduism)
  • County Councillor Peter Steen
  • Karen Stephens - NAHT
  • Ishwer Tailor
  • Mr F Williams    (Representing Lancashire County Council)
  • Mr J Wilson    (Representing the Church of England)