Agenda and minutes

Venue: Council Chamber, Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup

Contact: Mike Neville  Tel: 01772 533431, Email:

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Also in attendance


Ms S Palmer, Locality Officer, LCC Environment Directorate.

Mr M Neville, Senior Committee Support Officer, LCC Office of the Chief Executive




At the start of the meeting there will be a 15 minute period (to be managed by the Chair) when members of the public or representatives of Neighbourhood Forums can ask questions/raise issues of concern.


The Chair invited members of the public and representatives of various organisations who were present at the meeting to ask questions about any issues of concern and the following matters were raised.


1.  It was suggested that many motorists did not observe the 30mph limit along the A6066 New Line in Bacup and in response the Chair suggested that enforcement of the speed limit should be initially raised with the Police.


2.  It was similarly suggested that the 20mph limit in Bacup Town Centre was also being ignored by some motorists and County Councillor Oakes undertook to raise the issue with the local Police.


3.  A request was made for the road markings at the junction of Burnley Road East and the Turnpike at Rawtenstall to be looked at as it was felt that the current markings were confusing for motorists.


4.  It was suggested that a lack of signage and the presence of parked vehicles on double yellow lines contributed to motorists exceeding the speed limit on Booth Road, Stacksteads in the vicinity of four schools.


5.  Action was requested in relation to traffic congestion on South Street, Bacup, caused by some taxis not using the designated taxi rank due to vehicles being vandalised. It was noted that this was a licensing issue which the Borough Council would address.


6.  Reference was made to the closure of Blackburn Road in Haslingden following the collapse of a section of the road. Whilst it was appreciated that incidents of this nature could occur with little or no warning it was felt that in future more should be done to give motorists advance warning of road closures so that they have a greater opportunity to seek an alternative route.


Agreed: That the above points be noted and where appropriate responses be provided either via the Action Sheet for outside of the meeting.



Protocol on Public Speaking. pdf icon PDF 19 KB

A copy of the agreed Protocol in relation to public speaking at meetings of the Forum is attached for information.


A copy of the current Protocol in relation to public speaking at meetings of the Forum was presented for information and noted. In response to a query regarding the number of questions which a member of the public could ask in relation to an item on the agenda the Chair reported that it was her intention to both encourage and manage any discussion at meetings.


Agreed: That the current Protocol on public speaking is noted.





Apologies were presented on behalf of County Councillor D Stansfield. It was also noted that County Councillor S Serridge had been delayed and would join the meeting in due course.


Heritage Lottery Funding in Rossendale. pdf icon PDF 480 KB

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) are keen to support more projects in Rossendale and offer a range of different grant programmes with grants from £3,000 to over £5million. The Forum will be given a presentation on understanding heritage and an overview of what the HLF can offer in Rossendale, particularly for small community groups.


It was reported that the heritage Lottery Fund made available grants from £3,000 upwards for a variety of schemes associated with heritage, including work to restore buildings, protect natural habitats preserve memories/dialects. The type of funding available and the timescale involved in pursuing a grant was discussed and it was noted that currently the Pennine Lancashire area (which included Rossendale) had not yet received the full benefit of the funding which was available.


There was general agreement amongst the members of the Forum that there were a number of opportunities for applications to be made to the Fund in relation to the restoration and use of certain buildings, supporting the Britannia Coco-nut Dancers of Bacup, and preserving sections of dry stone wall, all of which were felt to be of significance in terms of the heritage of the area.


Agreed: That the presentation be circulated to the members of the Forum, Parish Councils and other interested groups in order that applications for Heritage Lottery Funding can be developed.



Note of the last Meeting. pdf icon PDF 73 KB


Agreed: That the Note of the meeting held on the 4th December 2013 is confirmed as an accurate record and signed by the Chair.



Action Sheet update from the last meeting. pdf icon PDF 54 KB


In response to a query regarding the installation of a temporary bridge in Irwell Vale while work was undertaken on Ogden Bridge Ms Palmer confirmed that she was not aware of any additional information regarding the scheme and would update the Forum via the Action Sheet as appropriate.


It was also noted that at the last meeting the condition and status of highways on the Fieldfare Estate in Bacup had been discussed and the Locality Officer had subsequently confirmed that all highways concerned had been made up to the standard required by the County Council and consequently had been formally adopted as part of the highway network.


Agreed; That the above comments and the updates set out in the Action Sheet be noted.



Review of 3 Tier Forums

An update on the current position in relation to the review of 3 Tier Forums will be presented at the meeting.


It was reported that since the consultation on the future development of the 3 Tier Forums last September some Forums had agreed to open meetings to the public.


The Chair informed the meeting that the Borough Council had put forward a proposal to develop the format of the meeting and a report in relation to the future of all 3 Tier Forums would be presented to the County Councils Cabinet in May. It was also noted that in future representatives from the Neighbourhood Forums would be able to attend meetings of the Rossendale Forum and take part in discussions.


Agreed: That the update regarding the future development of 3 Tier Forums is noted.



2013/14 Quarter 3 Environment Directorate Performance Dashboard. pdf icon PDF 207 KB

The Dashboard details the performance of the County Councils Environment Directorate between October and December, 2013 in relation to delivery of the approved Rossendale Commissioning Plan for 2013/14.


In response to a comment regarding recent flooding in Irwell Vale and Chatterton the Chair reported that the County Council, Borough Council and other partner organisations would continue to work together through the 'Making Space for Water' meetings to coordinate services and address land drainage/flooding issues


Agreed: That the updates set out on the Dashboard are noted.



2014/15 Environment Capital Programme. pdf icon PDF 30 KB

A list of capital schemes to be delivered in Rossendale in 2014/15 is attached.


The Forum was presented with a list of schemes which had been approved by the County Councils Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation in relation to the Capital Programme for 2014/15.


·  In response to a request that the carriageway along Bacup Road in Rawtenstall, between Kay Street and the new health centre, required urgent attention it was suggested that some resurfacing would be done in connection with traffic signals and as part of the bus station development. The Chair informed the meeting that the County Council was in the process of exploring a new approach in relation to highway maintenance.


·  It was reported that the resurfacing of footways on Holly Avenue in Haslingden had not been completed and the Chair suggested that the matter be passed to the local County Councillor for further action


·  It was noted that the Government had provided some additional funding in relation to pothole repairs and consideration was being given as to how this would be allocated across the County.


·  The quality of works done by private companies when reinstating roads/footways after the completion of works was discussed and it was suggested that any areas of concern should be brought to the attention of the County Council so that the matter could be raised with those responsible and repairs completed to the required standard.


Agreed: That the list of schemes in Rossendale which have been approved for the 2014/15 capital programme are noted.



East Lancashire Transport Master Plan Update.

The Forum will be given an update on progress in relation to the East Lancashire Transport Master Plan.


The Chair informed the meeting that the County Council had recently agreed the East Lancashire Transport Master Plan which had been discussed at the previous meeting. A feasibility study was planned in relation to economic development and connectivity within the Borough and the Forum would be kept informed of any developments.


Agreed: That the update is noted.



Quality Bus Route - Nelson/Rawtenstall. pdf icon PDF 40 KB

Additional documents:


The following comments were made by members of the Forum when discussing the above.


·  The X43 bus service from Nelson to Manchester was to be the subject of a study aimed at identifying pinch points, many of which were in Rawtenstall, in order that consideration could be given to improvements to traffic signals/ junctions to relieve congestion


·  It was suggested that the traffic signals and road layout on Bank Street in Rawtenstall be altered to provide a filter lane for traffic to turn left which would then ease the current congestion caused by traffic heading towards Burnley. It was further suggested that any alteration to the signals should include a change to the phasing of the lights to allow pedestrians extra time to cross.


The suitability of Bank Street as a bus route was also discussed and it was noted that the operator considered the road was able to accommodate buses.


Agreed: That the comments of the Forum as set out above are noted and taken into account in relation to development s associated with the A682 Nelson to Rawtenstall Bus Corridor.



Tour de France. pdf icon PDF 326 KB

The first two stages of the Tour-De-France will be held in the Pennine area of Yorkshire on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July, 2014. On both days the event will pass close to the Lancashire Boundary and the attached report outlines what the County Council will be doing to manage traffic issues caused by the event.


It was reported that the first two stages of the Tour de France would be held in the Pennine area of North Yorkshire on the 5th/6th July, 2014 and were expected to attract significant visitor numbers from overseas as well as from with the UK.


As the event would pass close to the County boundary on both days it was anticipated that travel between Lancashire and Yorkshire would be disrupted and the County Council was in the process of identifying any roads would need to be closed and also the duration of such closures. Further news about the event and associated road closures would be made available via (search for Tour de France) so that people could plan their travel over that weekend or avoid the disruption.


Agreed: That the action being taken in relation to traffic management associated with the Tour de France on the 5th/6th July 2014 is noted.



Change to 0300 telephone numbers. pdf icon PDF 16 KB

The Forum will be given an update on the County Councils change from 0845 to 0300 telephone numbers.


It was reported that the County Council had recently changed the telephone number of several services from 0845 to 0300 and a list of the new numbers for certain services was presented.


Agreed: That the report is noted.



Minimum unit price for alcohol for Lancashire. pdf icon PDF 45 KB

Additional documents:


The Forum considered a report regarding the introduction of a minimum unit pricing policy for alcohol proposed by the Cumbria and Lancashire Public Health Collaborative.


The Forum recognised the impact that the availability of cheap alcohol had on public health. And that more needed to be done in terms of education and advertising. It was noted that adoption of the proposed policy was voluntary and it was suggested that as Rossendale was on the edge of Lancashire the introduction of a minimum unit price in the Borough would simply mean people would travel to retailers outside of the County to purchase their alcohol. It was also recognised that whilst young people were vulnerable to alcohol misuse statistically it was people aged 45 and above who had increased their alcohol consumption.


Agreed: That the views of the Rossendale 3 Tier Forum regarding the introduction of a minimum unit pricing policy for alcohol as set out above are forwarded to the Cumbria and Lancashire Public Health Collaborative.



County Council Members Update.

The County Councillors on the Forum will give an update on activity that they have been involved in since the last meeting.


The Chair invited the County Councillors on the Forum to give a brief update on activities which they were involved in.


County Councillor Oakes informed the meeting that she was the Chair of the Regulatory Committee (which primarily considered issues regarding public rights of way) and a member of the Executive Scrutiny Committee and Pensions Committee. She also reported that the Environment Agency had contributed funds towards the demolition of a bridge near Glen Terrace, Waterfoot which was considered to be unsafe following a series of accidents.


County Councillor Cheetham reported that she was a member of the education Scrutiny Committee and the Student Support Appeals Committee which considered applications for assistance with home to school transport.


County Councillor Serridge updated the meeting on the roll out of superfast broadband across the Borough and confirmed that following discussions with certain broadband providers services would be offered to rural areas such as Whitworth. He also referred to the change of telephone numbers mentioned area which would involve significant costs for users, especially if calls were made on mobile phones.


The Chair reported that she was the Deputy Chair of the Executive Scrutiny Committee and also served on the Budget Working Group which was assisting the county Council in identifying areas where savings could be made over the next few years.


Agreed: That the updates from the County Council representatives present, as set out above, are noted.



Items raised by members of the Forum.

County Councillor Barnes will give the Forum an update on the findings of a County Councils Overview and Scrutiny Task Group on planning applications education/highways contributions.


The Chair informed the meeting that the outcome of the County Councils Overview and Scrutiny Task Group on planning application education/highways contributions was still awaited.


2014/15 Programme of Meetings.

As this is the last scheduled meeting of the Forum consideration has been given to potential dates for a programme of meetings for 2014/15. Using the existing programme as a starting point potential dates have been discussed with Officers in the Environment Directorate and at the Borough Council and the following dates are presented for consideration.


Wednesday 10th September 2014

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Wednesday 1st April 2015


All meetings to be held at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber at the Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup.


Agreed: That meetings be held at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber at the Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup, on the following dates.


Wednesday 10th September 2014

Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Wednesday 1st April 2015



Themes for future meetings.

Any suggestions for themes to be discussed at future meetings should be forwarded to the Chair and Harry Ballantyne, Localities Officer, Environment Directorate: Strategy and Policy, Mobile 07717 423903 or by email to


The following items were put forward as potential themes for discussion at future meetings.


1.  An update as to how the County Council intended to allocate the recently announced additional funding for pothole repairs between Districts and where any Rossendale allocation would be spent.


2.  Information regarding the work of the Making Space for Water Group and activities undertaken in the Borough to prevent/mitigate flooding.


3.  An update in connection with the recent changes regarding public health and current provision across the Borough.


4.  The impact of the County Council budget on levels of funding available for local organisations and individuals working within the Arts.


5.  The Lancashire Waste Partnership.


6.  The outcome of the feasibility study regarding the economic potential for Rossendale to link into the Metro link transport network.


7.  An overview of activities in the Borough in relation to regeneration.


Agreed: That the Chair and Locality Officer consider the above suggestions and where appropriate make arrangements for reports to be brought to future meetings.



Urgent Business.

An item of urgent business may only be considered under this heading where, by reason of special circumstances to be recorded in the minutes, the Chair of the meeting is of the opinion that the item should be considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency.


There were no items of urgent business for discussion at the meeting.


Date of Next Meeting.

Subject to the approval of the Forum under an earlier item of business on the agenda the next meeting will be held at 6.00pm on the 10th September 2014 in the Council Chamber at the Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup.


It was noted that in accordance with the earlier decision the next scheduled meeting of the Forum would be held at 6pm on the 10th September 2014 in the Council Chamber at the Business Centre, Futures Park, Bacup.