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Developing a Strategic Marketing Proposition for Lancashire


Ruth Connor, Chief Executive, Marketing Lancashire presented a report (circulated) which updated the Board on the development of a strategic marketing proposition for Lancashire.


It was reported to the Board that Mr Tony Attard OBE, Group Chief Executive of Panaz Ltd had been appointed as the new Chair of Marketing Lancashire.  The LEP Board welcomed the appointment of Mr Attard.


The Board was reminded that at the Board meeting held in March 2015 approval was given to progress with the procurement of a strategic marketing tender that was split into two key elements – developing a Lancashire story and a 12 month media and communications campaign.


The Board subsequently appointed two agencies Thinking Place and SKV Communications at the Board meeting held in June 2015 to undertake the work.


With regard to progress made, it was reported that Thinking Place had been appointed to develop and deliver the Lancashire ecomonic narrative or 'story' and had carried out an engagement exercise with both public and private sector through over 70 one-to-one conversations, 9 sector focus groups, 5 workshops, an online survey and desk research.


The evidence gathered was presented to the Steering Group on 25th September 2015 and 12th October 2015 with approval gained to progress to the next stages which include the creation of a visual identity, the development of a Lancashire Ambassador programme and for the Marketing Lancashire Board to take the role of the Place Board.


SKV has taken a proactive role in media engagement on behalf of the LEP and various examples of newspaper and magazine articles were presented to the Board that have featured the LEP with various others scheduled for the future.  Additional updates were provided on communication work on the City Deal, Digital Communications, the LEP website, the LEP Newsletter, Twitter and other media.  Various events have been arranged to raise the LEP's profile further in 2016 as set out in the report presented.


With regard to City Deal it was stated that in the LEP's 2014-15 Core Funding application, £25k was included to support specific marketing and communications activity to promote the City Deal. It was intended that this funding would support partners to raise the profile of this key LEP initiative amongst regional and national investors, developers and house-builders, using a wide range of communication and media channels. The £25k was identified on the basis that it would be matched by City Deal partners.  The Board was requested to approve that this funding now be made available to City Deal partners to support the implementation of the City Deal's new marketing and communications strategy.


Resolved:  The LEP Board:


(i)  Noted the report.


(ii)  Approved the proposed approach to continuing to develop a strategic marketing proposition for Lancashire, as set out in the report.


(iii)  Agreed to delegate authority to Lancashire County Council's Director of Economic Development and the Chief Executive of Marketing Lancashire to progress with the outputs required from this project.


(iv)  Noted and welcomed the recent appointment of Mr Tony Attard OBE, Group Chief Executive of Panaz Ltd, as the new Chair of Marketing Lancashire as set out in the report.


(v)  Approved the funding proposal, as set out in 5.9 and 5.10 of the report, to make available £25k for the City Deal Marketing and Communications Strategy; and


(vi)  Approved the confirmation of the Chief Executive of Marketing Lancashire as the LEP’s Media Communications and PR lead as set out in 5.23 of the report and requested that the Chief Executive provide regular updates to the LEP Board on the work programmes and outputs of the appointed consultants.

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