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Participation Strategic Framework


The Chair welcomed Dave Carr, Head of Policy, Information and Commissioning; Gavin Redhead, Strategy Lead for Participation; and Oliver Moores, Youth Council representative, to the meeting.


The report presented provided an opportunity for members of Children's Services Scrutiny Committee to review the draft Participation of Children and Young People Strategic Framework 2020 – 2023. It also shared a current example of a participation project that had been co-produced with members of Lancashire Youth Council.


In early 2019 the Strategy Lead for Participation reviewed current participation practice and policy across Lancashire and a number of areas where improvements could be made were identified.


The framework for participation would ensure that there was clear evidence of improved outcomes as a result of family participation and would evidence where changes had been made as result.


Members enquired how all the services and agencies would link so as to work well together. Through the Strategic Framework it was hoped that external services would open up their participation channels to make sure children were influencing these services.


The committee was advised that connecting with schools was a challenge due to the number of schools in Lancashire. It was felt the best approach was to connect them to locality youth councils and they could then bring their voice to Lancashire Youth Council.


The committee raised the question of how Lancashire County Council was going to embed the framework into other agencies i.e. CCGs and local councils, etc. and how would these agencies be supported in the participation process. Members were informed that there were many partnership arrangements in place and a whole range of boards and government structures that could be utilised to support this framework. Regarding support, the county council would be able to highlight good practice but could not be the sole resource for participation. At the moment 35 participation champions had been identified in various services and agencies. Members requested a list of these participation champions for their district councils. They also requested an update in the future on how this work was progressing.


Ollie Moores, Lancashire Youth Council (LYC) representative, was welcomed to give a presentation on the LYC's research into knife crime.  This presentation provided members with a good example of how participation with children and young people can be undertaken. When asked if he enjoyed the research process, Ollie pointed out that the best was yet to come when LYC received the data back to see what could be done with this data to make a difference to our communities.


The committee thanked Ollie for a great presentation (see attached). 


Resolved: That;


  i.  The principles and priorities of the draft Strategic Framework be considered.

  ii.  The proposed monitoring and governance arrangements be noted.

  iii.  The Lancashire Youth Council research project be noted.

  iv.  Details of the network of participation champions when identified be circulated to all councillors to assist with supporting a 'culture of participation'.

  v.  A progress report be provided to a future meeting of the committee.

  vi.  Information on the questionnaire to schools be circulated to committee members to support generating responses.


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