Agenda item

Review of the County Council's Constitution


County Councillor Peter Buckley moved a report setting out the outcome of the Political Governance Working Group's review of the Constitution and a revised and updated Constitution was now presented for consideration by Full Council.


The following amendment was proposed by County Councillor Lorraine Beavers, seconded by County Councillor Erica Lewis:


(This amendment refers to the text on pages 356-7 in the Full Council agenda pack)


That a revised Section C paragraph 34 and a new Section C paragraph 35 in the Cabinet and Cabinet Committees Procedural Standing Orders be included in the new constitution as follows:


34.  Speaking at Cabinet

34.1.  At each Cabinet meeting there shall be up to 30 minutes set aside for speaking by any members of the council who are not Cabinet members.


34.2.  A speech made by a member of the council under SO 34 (1) must:

a.  Relate to an item on the Cabinet agenda; and

b.  Relate to the County Councillor's division, or, where they are a named shadow portfolio holder, relate to an item within that portfolio.


34.3.  Each County Councillor may speak for no more than 3 minutes, but may speak on multiple issues within the agenda in line with SO 34 (2) above


34.4.  Councillors will notify the Chair of their intention to speak by raising their hand.


34.5.  Speeches will be taken in the order determined by the Chair.


34.6.  A member of the council may speak more than once, at the discretion of the Chair.


34.7.  If a member wishes to speak on a Part II item, they should indicate during the 30 minutes speaking time, but reserve their speech until the Part II section of the agenda. The Chair will invite them to speak before the item is presented by the Cabinet Member


35.  Questions in writing

35.1.  A County Councillor or any person who lives or works in the county, or is affected by the work of the County Council, may ask the Leader or a Cabinet Member a written question on any matter which relates to any item on the Cabinet agenda for that meeting.


35.2.  Each County Councillor or member of the public may only submit one question per meeting.


35.3.  A written copy of the question must have been delivered to Democratic Services by 12 noon two clear working days before the date of the meeting, specifying the full question and the agenda item to which it relates.


35.4.  Questions may be ruled out of order by the Monitoring Officer if they are considered to be:

a.  Not related to an item on the agenda;

b.  Defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive;

c.  Substantially the same as a question that has been asked and answered by the Cabinet or Council in the past six months;

d.  Related to a matter due to be determined by the Development Control or Regulatory Committees

e.  Requiring the disclosure of confidential or exempt information


35.5.  Questions will receive a written reply. The question and answer will be published within 5 clear working days following the date of the Cabinet meeting.


35.6.  An urgent written question may be asked by a County Councillor about any item on the Cabinet agenda for that meeting, which the Chair considers could not have been reasonably submitted by the deadline for the receipt of written questions, provided that they give notice of the question to Democratic Services by 12 noon the day before the meeting.


On being put to the vote, the Amendment was LOST.


The substantive Motion was then put to the vote and was CARRIED. It was therefore:


Resolved: - That:


Full Council:


  1. Approves the revised Constitution as set out at Appendix 'A'.


  1. Agrees that a further report is brought to the meeting of Full Council on 23 May to approve revised Finance rules.


Supporting documents: