Public Speaking at Full Council

What is 'Public Question Time at Full Council'?

At Ordinary Meetings of the Council, questions may be asked by members of the public of the Leader and Cabinet Members. Ordinary meetings of Full Council can be found on the councils website.

The total time set aside for such questions and answers will be limited to 20 minutes with no extension of time, and questions not dealt with in this time will be dealt with by written responses. Questions must be limited to 150 words.

How many questions can I submit?

You may submit only one question at any meeting and no more than one question may be asked on behalf of any organisation.

When do I have to submit my question by?

Questions must be submitted in writing to Democratic Services by 12 noon at least ten clear working days before the meeting.

How do I submit my question?

To submit a question, please fill in the 'Public Speaking at Full Council' online form. If you need any assistance completing the form, please email

What happens after I submit a question?

Questions received will be referred to the Chief Executive for approval. The Chief Executive may reject a question if it:

  1. Is not about a matter for which the Council has a responsibility or which specifically affects the County;
  2. Is defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive;
  3. Is substantially the same as a question which has been put at Public Question Time or Councillor Question Time at a meeting of the Council in the past six months;
  4. Relates to a matter that is substantially the same as one on which a question has been put at a Public Question Time within the previous six months;
  5. Requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information;
  6. Refers to legal proceedings taken or anticipated by or against the Council;
  7. Relates to a day-to-day Council function or the provision of a Council service and has not been asked first of the relevant service area;
  8. Is a statement rather than a question;
  9. Names or identifies individual service users, members of staff or members/staff of partner agencies;
  10. Makes or relates to allegations against, or compromise comments about, the conduct of individual Members or officers;
  11. Relates to an individual or the questioner's own particular circumstances;
  12. Would more appropriately be responded to by the Council under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Data Protection Act 1998; or
  13. Is from, or on behalf of, a political party, or bears the name, insignia or other device of a political party.

All approved questions will be included on the agenda for the next Ordinary Meeting of the Council, in the order that they were received (except the Chair may decide to group similar questions together).

When will I receive a response to my question?

If you attend the Full Council meeting, the Leader or appropriate Cabinet Member will provide their response at the meeting. You may request in advance to read your question aloud. No introductory or explanatory remarks or supplementary questions are allowed.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you will receive a written response as soon as practicable after the meeting.

Help and Guidance

Should you require any help with submitting a question or if you want to provide further information to support your question, please email

More information on the process for Public Speaking at Full Council can be found in Section 10 (B) - Full Council Procedural Standing Orders of the Constitution.