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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £2.2 million (from 1 April 2024).

Decisions published
Title Date Effective from
Theatre in Education - Award Decision ref: 2556823/04/202423/04/2024
Lancashire County Council (King Street Clayton-le-Moors Hyndburn Borough) (One Way) Order 202* ref: 2556723/05/202423/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Community Mind Connect C.I.C ref: 2556921/05/202421/05/2024
Approval of LUF Planit Commissions ref: 2556421/05/202421/05/2024
Lancashire County Council (Wheatfield Mews and Wheatfield Street, Lancaster, Lancaster City) (Revocation and Prohibition of Waiting) Order 202* ref: 2556623/05/202423/05/2024
Approval of Jacobs LUF Design and Technical Support Commissions ref: 2556521/05/202421/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Croston Old School ref: 2557022/05/202422/05/2024
Approval of Atkins LUF Design and Technical Support Commissions ref: 2556321/05/202421/05/2024
Archaeology for A582 Direct Award ref: 2556009/05/202409/05/2024
Minor Amends to the Code of Conduct and Wording of Disciplinary Policy and Procedure ref: 2555816/05/202416/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Briercliffe Wednesday Club ref: 2556222/05/202422/05/2024
Additional Budget Increase to 4No 24/25 Surface Dressing Schemes ref: 2555920/05/202420/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Ribbleton Parish ref: 2555720/05/202420/05/2024
Champion Grant - St Christopher’s PC Community Talks ref: 2556121/05/202421/05/2024
Champion Grant - St John's Hospice ref: 2555621/05/202421/05/2024
Disposal of Surplus Land - Land to the Rear of 1 Branksome Avenue, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 2EW ref: 2554917/05/202417/05/2024
Hosted Urban Traffic Control (UTC) System ref: 2555117/05/202417/05/2024
Schools Condition Led Programme - Stalmine Primary School ref: 2554617/05/202417/05/2024
Operational Buildings Condition Led Programme - Kirkham Milbanke Residential Care Home ref: 2554717/05/202417/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Crusaders Morris Dancers ref: 2555220/05/202420/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Whalley in Bloom ref: 2555420/05/202420/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Stronger Together Carers Group ref: 2555019/05/202419/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Whitworth in Bloom ref: 2554819/05/202419/05/2024
Minor Amends to the Statement of Ethical Standards ref: 2554516/05/202416/05/2024
Minor Policy Amends - Travel and Expenses Policy and Procedure ref: 2554416/05/202416/05/2024
Lancaster Willow Lane Residential Home, 56-64 Willow Lane, Lancaster, LA1 5QF ref: 2554016/05/202416/05/2024
Section 106 Agreement for Planning Application 21/01076/FULMAJ Application for the erection of 67no. dwellings (including 30% affordable housing) with associated access, car parking and landscaping. Land 53m west of Belvedere, 31 Darlington Street, C ref: 2553916/05/202416/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Promenade Concert Orchestra ref: 2553816/05/202416/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Citizens Advice North Lancashire ref: 2554116/05/202416/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Girlguiding Hoghton District ref: 2554316/05/202416/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - St John's Hospice, Lancaster ref: 2553615/05/202415/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Broadgate and District Residents Action Group (BRAG) ref: 2554215/05/202415/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Melling Village Hall (aka Melling Institute) ref: 2553114/05/202414/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Garstang Scarecrow Festival Trust ref: 2553314/05/202414/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Girlguiding Hoghton District ref: 2553514/05/202414/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Deepdale Community Association ref: 2553214/05/202414/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Lune Valley Community Society ref: 2553014/05/202414/05/2024
Updates to the Constitution ref: 2552913/05/202413/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Halsall St Cuthbert's Church of England Parish ref: 2553414/05/202414/05/2024
The Provision of Pension Fund Custodian Services ref: 2552310/05/202410/05/2024
Appendix 'B' to Item 5 - Procurement Report ref: 2551509/05/202409/05/2024
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 2551409/05/202409/05/2024
Minutes of the Meeting held on 11 April 2024 ref: 2551309/05/202409/05/2024
Strategic approach to decarbonising county council assets and operations ref: 2550725/04/202425/04/2024
Carbon Capture through Nature ref: 2550825/04/202425/04/2024
Enabling Net Zero Infrastructure – National Grid ref: 2550625/04/202425/04/2024
Champion Grant - Community Network and Outreach Service CIC ref: 2552010/05/202410/05/2024
Champion Grant - Community Network and Outreach Service CIC ref: 2551910/05/202410/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum ref: 2552510/05/202410/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Hyndburn Green Spaces Forum ref: 2551810/05/202410/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Towneley Hall Society ref: 2552610/05/202410/05/2024
Champion Grant - Positive Action in the Community ref: 2552110/05/202410/05/2024
Champion Grant - Basically Cheer CIC ref: 2552210/05/202410/05/2024
Provision of works at Clitheroe Castle Street. ref: 2551610/05/202410/05/2024
Determination of the Home to School Transport Policy - Academic Year 2025/2026 ref: 2549609/05/202415/05/2024
Additional Highway Maintenance Capital Allocations for 2024/25 ref: 2549309/05/202409/05/2024
Proposed Bus Lane, New Hall Lane, Preston ref: 2550109/05/202415/05/2024
Lancashire Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans ref: 2549809/05/202415/05/2024
Integrated Transport Capital Funding 2024/25: Proposed Apportionment ref: 2549709/05/202415/05/2024
Lancashire Enterprise Partnership – Integration of Functions into the County Council ref: 2549909/05/202415/05/2024
Procurement Report ref: 2550009/05/202415/05/2024
Bus Service Improvement Plan Phase 3 Funding ref: 2549409/05/202415/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Sahara in Preston ref: 2551109/05/202409/05/2024
City Deal - Proposed Revised Terms ref: 2549509/05/202415/05/2024
Schools Condition Led Programme - Haslingden High School ref: 2551002/05/202402/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Women Rise Up CIC ref: 2551709/05/202409/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Longton Victory Memorial Sports and Social Club ref: 2550408/05/202408/05/2024
Automated Public Transport priority by predictive real-time simulation ref: 2550503/05/202403/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Withnell Fold Millennium Green Trust ref: 2550308/05/202408/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Poulton Gala ref: 2550207/05/202407/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Larches Community Association ref: 2549203/05/202403/05/2024
Work Programmes 2023/24 ref: 2548916/04/202416/04/2024
Scrutiny In-Year Requests ref: 2549016/04/202416/04/2024
Budgeted Savings Tracker ref: 2548816/04/202416/04/2024
Money Matters 2023/24 Position - Quarter 3 ref: 2548716/04/202416/04/2024
Highway Extent Investigation Report:- Old Dawbers Lane, Euxton ref: 2548501/05/202401/05/2024
Adding a Scheme to the Capital Programme - Catforth Traffic Calming Scheme ref: 2548612/04/202412/04/2024
Consultancy Direct Award ref: 2548430/04/202430/04/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Building Bridges Pendle ref: 2548201/05/202401/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Wray Village Store ref: 2548301/05/202401/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Whalley Methodist Church and Community Rooms (Part of Clitheroe Methodist Circuit) ref: 2548101/05/202401/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Tanhouse Morris Dancers ref: 2547601/05/202401/05/2024
Local Councillor Decision - 5th Penwortham Brownies ref: 2547801/05/202401/05/2024
The Council's Annual Governance Statement 2023/24 and Code of Corporate Governance 2024/25 ref: 2546422/04/202422/04/2024
Corporate Risk and Opportunity Register - Quarter 1 Update ref: 2546522/04/202422/04/2024
Local Member Grants Scheme Annual Report ref: 2546722/04/202422/04/2024
Annual Report on the Lancashire Culture and Sport Fund ref: 2546822/04/202422/04/2024
Internal Audit Annual Plan ref: 2546322/04/202422/04/2024
Internal Audit Progress Report ref: 2546222/04/202422/04/2024
Minutes of the Meeting held on 29 January 2024 ref: 2545622/04/202422/04/2024
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 2546922/04/202422/04/2024
External Audit - Lancashire County Council Audit Findings Report 2022/23 ref: 2545922/04/202422/04/2024
External Audit - Lancashire County Pension Fund Audit Findings Report 2022/23 ref: 2546022/04/202422/04/2024
External Audit - Interim Auditor's Annual Report on Lancashire County Council 2022/23 ref: 2546122/04/202422/04/2024
Updated Terms of Reference ref: 2545722/04/202422/04/2024
Appendix 'E' to Item 9 ref: 2547022/04/202422/04/2024
The Council's Statement of Accounts for 2022/23 and Letters of Representation ref: 2545822/04/202422/04/2024
Appendix 'C' to Item 12 ref: 2547122/04/202422/04/2024
Household Support Fund ref: 2546624/04/202424/04/2024
Moss Road Strategy Review ref: 2545524/04/202424/04/2024
Local Councillor Decision - Read and Simonstone Village Hall ref: 2547330/04/202430/04/2024