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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £1.5 million.

Title Date Effective from
Local Member Grant - Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club ref: 1277919/01/201819/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1278019/01/201819/01/2018
Waste Processing Operations at Thornton Waste Recovery Park ref: 1276818/01/201824/01/2018
Land at Westgate, Burnley ref: 1276718/01/201824/01/2018
Lancashire Enterprise Partnership - Future Funding Arrangements ref: 1276518/01/201824/01/2018
Awarding of Small Grants to Third Sector Groups which are Registered with the Children and Family Wellbeing Service, including Grants to individual young people ref: 1276118/01/201824/01/2018
Proposed Puffin Crossing at Bolton Road, Anderton ref: 1275818/01/201824/01/2018
Community Asset Transfers ref: 1276918/01/201824/01/2018
Libraries, Museums and Archive Fees and Charges ref: 1276318/01/201824/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Larches and Savick Community Association ref: 1275117/01/201817/01/2018
Revised Friends of Lancashire Libraries Constitution and Guidance ref: 1276418/01/201824/01/2018
Money Matters - The Financial Strategy for 2018/19 to 2021/22 ref: 1277818/01/201824/01/2018
Lancashire County Council (Various Road, Burnley, Fylde, Hyndburn, Preston, Rossendale, South Ribble and West Lancashire Borough) (Revocations and Various Parking Restrictions (July/August No1)) Order ref: 1275418/01/201824/01/2018
Extension of Supported Housing Contracts for Young People ref: 1276018/01/201824/01/2018
Disposal of land at West Street Padiham ref: 1276618/01/201824/01/2018
Local Member Grant - The Growing Club CIC ref: 1275712/01/201812/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Clayton Thursday Club for the Over 55s ref: 1275317/01/201817/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1275217/01/201817/01/2018
Schools Budget 2018/19 ref: 1275918/01/201824/01/2018
Procurement Report - Request Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1274918/01/201824/01/2018
Highways and Transport Capital Programmes - Proposed Changes ref: 1275618/01/201824/01/2018
A6 Corridor Works, Broughton ref: 1275518/01/201824/01/2018
Adult Social Care Fee Uplifts - 2018/19 ref: 1276218/01/201824/01/2018
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation<br/>Addition of and Upgrade to Bridleway from Blackwood Road and Newchurch Road to Acre Mill Road, Bacup, Rossendale Borough ref: 1274415/11/201715/11/2017
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Claimed public footpath around Glasson Canal Basin, Thurnham, Lancaster<br/>File Ref. Nos. 804/519 and 804/555 ref: 1274315/11/201715/11/2017
Highways Act 1980 Section 119.<br/>Proposed diversion of part of Lydiate Footpath 4, West Lancashire Borough.<br/>File Ref: 211-681<br/> ref: 1274515/11/201715/11/2017
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Application to upgrade to Bridleway parts of Footpaths Charnock Richard 14 and 15, known as Delph Lane, Chorley Borough<br/> ref: 1274215/11/201715/11/2017
Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981<br/>Definitive Map Modification Order Investigation<br/>Application for Recording on the Definitive Map and Statement a Bridleway along Part of Birch Hall Lane, Footpath Earby 38 and Dark Lane to County boundary<br/> ref: 1274115/11/201715/11/2017
Local Member Grant - Haslingden & Helmshore Band ref: 1273616/01/201816/01/2018
Local Member Grant - St Catherine's Hospice ref: 1273908/01/201808/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Euxton CE Primaty School PTFA ref: 1274617/01/201817/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Rawtenstall Public Welfare Committee ref: 1273716/01/201816/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Western Drive Flood Group ref: 1272915/01/201815/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Gregson Community Association ref: 1273212/01/201812/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Gregson Community Association ref: 1273316/01/201816/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Astley & Buckshaw Juniors FC ref: 1273412/01/201812/01/2018
Local Member Grant - LVRA - Limey Valley Residents Association ref: 1272810/01/201810/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Hesketh Bank Silver Band ref: 1273115/01/201815/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Leyland Historical Society ref: 1273015/01/201815/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Little Digmoor Parent Group ref: 1272011/01/201811/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Dansworks Bright Futures ref: 1272310/01/201810/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1271709/01/201809/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1271811/01/201811/01/2018
Local Member Grant- The Twirlys ref: 1272109/01/201809/01/2018
Local Member Grant - McDonald School of Dance ref: 1273516/01/201816/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Dansworks Bright Futures ref: 1271408/01/201808/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Banks St Stephens Bowling Club ref: 1271308/01/201808/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Hesketh Bank Village Community Centre ref: 1271508/01/201808/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Brinscall Village Junior Football Club ref: 1271205/01/201805/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club ref: 1271005/01/201805/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Garstang Scarecrow Festival ref: 1271105/01/201811/01/2018
The Growing Club CIC ref: 1270704/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - More Music in Morecambe ref: 1270604/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1270404/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Brinscall Village Junior Football Club ref: 1269904/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Preston City Trampoline Club ref: 1269804/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1270504/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grants- North Meols Nifty 50's Sports Club ref: 1270104/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1270204/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - The Rocking Horse Club - Pendle Ltd ref: 1270904/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Penwortham Holme West Allotment Association ref: 1270304/01/201804/01/2018
Local Member Grant - Thornton Cleveleys Cricket Club ref: 1270004/01/201804/01/2018
Cuerden Strategic Site Delivery Update03/01/2018For Determination
Highways and Transport Capital Programme03/01/2018For Determination
Joint Commissioning Arrangements for Children and Young People's Special Education Needs or Disabilities Provision - North Lancashire03/01/2018For Determination
Preston Western Distributor, East West Link Road and Cottam Link Road and Realignment of Footpath Network - Making (Signing and Sealing) and advertising of the Lancashire County Council (Preston Western Distributor, East West Link and Cottam Link Roa03/01/2018For Determination
Preliminary Review of the County Council Policy on Fire Suppression Measures in Schools ahead of Government Direction03/01/2018For Determination
Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme 2019/20 - Determination of the Qualifying Scheme03/01/2018For Determination
Determination of Relevant Area for Consultation on Admission Arrangements for Lancashire Maintained Schools and Academies for 2020/21, 2021/22 and 2022/2303/01/2018For Determination
Determination of Admission Arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled Primary and Secondary Schools and Sixth Forms for the School Year 2019/2003/01/2018For Determination
Proposals Relating to Libraries03/01/2018For Determination
Capital Strategy for Schools – Condition Led Capital Investment Programme, 2017/18 and part 2018/1903/01/2018For Determination
Community Asset Transfers03/01/2018For Determination
Report on the outcome of the consultation of library opening hours03/01/2018For Determination
Lancashire County Council (Various Roads, Chorley, Fylde, Pendle, Preston, Rossendale, South Ribble, West Lancashire and Wyre Boroughs) (Revocation, 30mph, 40mph, 50mph and De-Restricted Road (August No1) Speed Limits) Order 201*03/01/2018For Determination
Bacup Townscape Heritage Initiative13/12/2017For Determination
Programme of Works to Operational Buildings13/12/2017For Determination
Review of Registration Fees13/12/2017For Determination
Asset Management08/11/2017For Determination
Clitheroe Ribblesdale High School -Proposed Capital Project to Facilitate School Expansion11/10/2017For Determination
McKenzie Street and Station road, Bamber Bridge, South Ribble Borough Revocation, prohibition of Waiting and Restriction of Waiting Traffic Regulation Order11/10/2017For Determination
Home Response with Assisted Lifting Service13/09/2017Abandoned
Implementation of the Care Act 2014 - Approval of Revised Adult Social Care Policies and Procedures incorporating Information and Advice and Prisons and Approved Premises13/09/2017For Determination
Lancashire County Council's Market Position Statement13/09/2017For Determination
LCDL Business Plan Work Programme Update24/10/2017For Determination
Minutes of the meeting held onRecommendations Approved
First Main ItemRecommendations Approved