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Key Decision definition: A key decision means an executive decision which is likely:

(a) to result in the council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are significant having regard to the council's budget for the service or function which the decision relates; or

(b) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards or electoral divisions in the area of the council.

For the purposes of (a) above, the threshold for "significant" is £1.4 million.

Title Date Effective from
Procurement Report - Request for Approval to Commence Procurement Exercises ref: 1003210/04/201714/04/2017
Core Systems Implementations and Funding Requirements ref: 1009104/04/201708/04/2017
Property Strategy Neighbourhood Centres (West Lancashire) Consultation ref: 1009529/03/201704/04/2017
Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Grant Funding for Refuges, Specialist Accommodation Based Support and Service Reform ref: 1005227/03/201727/03/2017
Alteration of Coroner Areas under Schedule 2 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 - Preston and West Lancashire, East Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen Areas ref: 1000024/03/201724/03/2017
Strategic Economic Plan and Growth Deal 3 Update ref: 1007508/11/201608/11/2016
Combined Authority Update ref: 1007608/11/201608/11/2016
Enterprise Adviser Network ref: 1007308/11/201608/11/2016
Key Initiatives Report ref: 1007208/11/201608/11/2016
Minutes of the meeting held on 13th September 2016 ref: 1006908/11/201608/11/2016
Combined Authority Update ref: 1006831/01/201731/01/2017
Industrial Strategy Update ref: 1006531/01/201731/01/2017
Minutes of the meeting held on 8th November 2016 ref: 1006331/01/201731/01/2017
Growth Deal Update ref: 1005731/01/201731/01/2017
Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) North West - Presentation ref: 1005831/01/201731/01/2017
Upgrade of existing Zebra Crossing to Puffin Crossing - Broadway, Haslingden23/03/2017For Determination
Whitehough Outdoor Education Centre ref: 1007923/03/201729/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Rishton Prospects Panel ref: 1005423/03/201723/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Barnoldswick Town Football Club ref: 1004923/03/201723/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Trawden in Bloom ref: 1005023/03/201723/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Friends of Conway Park ref: 1003522/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grant - North West Ambulance Service Community First Responder Team ref: 1002722/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Rolls Football Club ref: 1002422/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Leyland Barracudas ASC ref: 1003322/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Trawden Celtic Juniors Football Club ref: 1003822/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Brick North West CIC ref: 1003717/03/201728/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Moss Side Community Forum ref: 1002822/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grant- St Catherine Hospice ref: 1003022/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Trawden Athletic Club ref: 1003922/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Lowerhouse Lodge Luncheon Club ref: 1002321/03/201721/03/2017
Local Member Grants- The Leyland Project ref: 1003422/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grant- Kidz 4 Kidz Theatre Company ref: 1003617/03/201728/03/2017
Local Member Grant - 1st West Craven Scout Group ref: 1002522/03/201722/03/2017
Local Member Grant- Hoghton Cricket Club ref: 1002117/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Brick North West CIC ref: 1002020/03/201720/03/2017
Local Member Grant- Longton Village Fete Limited ref: 1001921/03/201721/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Garstang and District Lions Club ref: 1002220/03/201720/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Friends of Withy Grove Park ref: 1001818/03/201718/03/2017
Duke Street Area, Chorley - Proposed One-Way Street, Prohibition of U-Turn, Parking Bays and Waiting Restrictions ref: 1002621/03/201728/03/2017
Local Member Grant - St John's Hospice ref: 954318/03/201718/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Brick North West CIC ref: 1001417/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Brick North West CIC ref: 1001217/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Community Leisure Association of Whitworth Limited ref: 1000916/03/201716/03/2017
Local Member Grant - The Leyland Project ref: 1001517/03/201723/03/2017
Local Member Grant- Kidz 4 Kidz Theatre Company ref: 1001117/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Slyne-with-Hest Scout Hut ref: 1000709/03/201709/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Elswick Community Project ref: 1000816/03/201716/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Mythop Road Allotment Association ref: 1000516/03/201716/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Poor Marsh Permaculture and Allotment Society ref: 999916/03/201716/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Whitworth and Healey Horticultural Society ref: 999314/03/201714/03/2017
Local Member Grants- 1969 Rossendale Squadron Air Cadets ref: 999114/03/201714/03/2017
Neighbourhood Wellbeing Initiatives ref: 995515/03/201721/03/2017
Grant Support to Sahara Project (Preston) – Moving On Project ref: 995615/03/201721/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Jinnah Development Trust Limited ref: 999215/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Staining Junior Football Club ref: 997913/03/201713/03/2017
Altham Meadows ref: 998214/03/201718/03/2017
Capital Projects in Older People's Residential Homes ref: 998309/03/201718/03/2017
Local Member Grant - 20th Fleetwood (St David's) Brownie Unit ref: 998814/03/201714/03/2017
Local Member Grant- Trawden Athletic Club ref: 998013/03/201713/03/2017
Local Member Grant - The Ann Letitia Russell Rescue Group ref: 998714/03/201714/03/2017
Procurement Process Approval ref: 980708/03/201718/03/2017
Funding for Supported Housing for Care Leavers and Young People who are Homeless ref: 981008/03/201718/03/2017
Closure of Eastern end of D'Urton Lane Preston to vehicular traffic ref: 997313/03/201717/03/2017
Haslingden Town Centre Parking Restrictions and Various Locations in Rossendale ref: 983613/03/201717/03/2017
Skelmersdale Rail Link Grip 3 study ref: 985013/03/201717/03/2017
S278 Highway Works, Euxton Lane, Chorley ref: 997213/03/201717/03/2017
Distribution of Community Transport Funding from 2011/12 and 2012/13 ref: 997813/03/201717/03/2017
Proposed 2017/18 Highway Maintenance, Road Safety and Public Rights of Way New Starts Capital Programme ref: 982913/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grants- St. Annes Enterprise Partnership (STEP) ref: 996110/03/201710/03/2017
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Various roads in Chorley ref: 997413/03/201717/03/2017
Making Permanent of Experimental Traffic Orders - George Slynn Way, School Street, Service Yard, Accrington, Hyndburn ref: 983313/03/201717/03/2017
Pension Fund - Re-profiling the Council's contributions ref: 984713/03/201717/03/2017
Proposed Addition to the Capital Programme 2016/17 and Approval to Commence a Procurement Exercise for the Supply of Catalytic Regeneration Systems (Clean Bus Technology) ref: 996613/03/201717/03/2017
Proposed Improvements to Public Footpath No. 22 Barton ref: 996513/03/201717/03/2017
Highways and Transport Capital Programmes - Proposed Amendments ref: 996413/03/201717/03/2017
The Completion of Heysham to M6 Link Road Proposed Beaumont Junction ref: 996713/03/201717/03/2017
Highway Asset Information Strategy ref: 996913/03/201717/03/2017
20mph Speed Limit Order Mellor Langho and Longridge ref: 983013/03/201717/03/2017
A Request to Fund Highways Maintenance Works on a Section of Heyhouses Lane, Fylde ref: 998113/03/201718/03/2017
Capital Funding for 30 Hours Extended Entitlement ref: 984613/03/201717/03/2017
Carriageway Lifecycle Plan ref: 997013/03/201717/03/2017
Bus Station Funding ref: 997113/03/201717/03/2017
Proposed Zebra Crossing - Nuttall Street, Accrington ref: 997513/03/201717/03/2017
Chorley Town Centre - Public Realm Proposals and Masterplan ref: 996813/03/201717/03/2017
Local Member Grant - The Willow Garden Project ref: 996213/03/201713/03/2017
Preston City Centre Traffic Management10/03/2017For Determination
Local Member Grants- 1st Moorfield Scout Group ref: 994409/03/201709/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Heartbeat ref: 994209/03/201709/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Moor Nook Central CIC ref: 994309/03/201709/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Whitworth Historical Society ref: 994610/03/201710/03/2017
Local Member Grants: 1969 Rossendale Squadron Air Cadets ref: 995310/03/201710/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Burscough Hub Group ref: 995110/03/201710/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Limey Valley Residents' Association ref: 995410/03/201710/03/2017
Implementation of the Care Act 2014 - Approval of revised Adult Social Care Policies and Procedures09/03/2017For Determination
Assessment of Applications for the Countryside Sites and Implications for the County Council ref: 981409/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Heartbeat ref: 992208/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- St Catherine Hospice ref: 992309/03/201709/03/2017
Disposal of former Bescar Brow Highways Depot ref: 993409/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Friends of Scott Park ref: 991808/03/201715/03/2017
Operation of Household Waste Recycling Centres and Waste Transfer Stations from April 2018 ref: 981609/03/201715/03/2017
County Hall Complex ref: 992809/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Fishwick Rangers Youth Development Scheme ref: 992008/03/201708/03/2017
Interim Refresh Programme for Older People's Residential Homes ref: 993209/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Preston Black History Group ref: 992108/03/201708/03/2017
Proposed Replacement of a Portakabin at Wrightington Depot ref: 993809/03/201715/03/2017
Disposal of Winckley Square Properties - Revised Offer ref: 993509/03/201709/03/2017
Procurement of Water and Wastewater Retail Services ref: 982109/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Friends of Jean Stansfield and Vicarage Park ref: 991608/03/201708/03/2017
Initial Projects/Feasibilities for the Neighbourhood Centres Programme ref: 992909/03/201715/03/2017
Provision of Toilet Facilities at Cuerden Mill Offices, Cuerden Way, Lostock Lane, Bamber Bridge, Preston ref: 997609/03/201717/03/2017
Disposal of Former Barrowford Branch Library ref: 993309/03/201715/03/2017
Upgrade of the Existing Fire Suppression Systems within the Facilities at Farington and Thornton Waste Recovery Parks ref: 993709/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- The friends of Tarleton Library ref: 991708/03/201708/03/2017
Disposal of Former Fulwood Branch Library ref: 993609/03/201715/03/2017
Transfer of the former Ridgewood Special School, Burnley to the Education Partnership Trust ref: 993909/03/201715/03/2017
Lancashire Trauma Injury Intelligence Project Commission ref: 993009/03/201715/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Hesketh Bank Village Hall Community Centre ref: 992409/03/201709/03/2017
Museum Transfers - Museum of Lancashire ref: 994009/03/201715/03/2017
Local Initiative Fund 2016/17 Round 2 ref: 991508/03/201708/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Adventure Hyndburn ref: 987907/03/201707/03/2017
Windermere, Tower Wood: Replacement Jetties ref: 986808/03/201714/03/2017
West Pennine Moors SSSI. Notification under s28C of the WCA 1981 ref: 991208/03/201714/03/2017
Arts Development Grant Allocations 2017 -18 ref: 990608/03/201714/03/2017
Proposed Capital Programme for Regularising Primary School Admission Numbers Phase 2 ref: 981208/03/201714/03/2017
The Future of Central Lancaster High School's Post 16 Provision ref: 986608/03/201714/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Accrington Division Girl Guides ref: 988007/03/201707/03/2017
Community Asset Transfer and Independent Community Libraries ref: 992608/03/201715/03/2017
Determination of Admission Arrangements for Lancashire Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools - 2018/19 ref: 980608/03/201714/03/2017
The Future of Lytham St Annes Technology and Performing Arts College's Post 16 Provision ref: 971808/03/201714/03/2017
Local Member Grants- 1st Grimsargh Scout Group ref: 987606/03/201706/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Sharoe Green & Sherwood community Association ref: 987307/03/201707/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Double R Arts ref: 987407/03/201707/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Burnley Boys & Girls Club ref: 987506/03/201706/03/2017
Proposed Zebra Crossings in Bacup town centre as part of the Townscape Heritage Improvements06/03/2017For Determination
Local Member Grants- Haslingden & Helmshore Band ref: 986306/03/201706/03/2017
Local Member Grant - LANCASHIRE TAAG Teenage ASD ADHD Group ref: 986406/03/201706/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Banks St Stephens Bowling Club ref: 986206/03/201706/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Friends of Adlington Library ref: 986506/03/201706/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Friends of Grimsargh Green (FOGG) ref: 984903/03/201703/03/2017
Local Member Grant - St Stephen's Church Burnley ref: 984802/03/201702/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Haskayne & Downholland Community Association ref: 985902/03/201702/03/2017
Local Member Grant - St Johns Worsthorne/Cliviger Scout Group ref: 984502/03/201702/03/2017
Local Member Grants- Leyland Town Team ref: 984402/03/201709/03/2017
Local Member Grant - Hyndburn and Ribble Valley BME Forum ref: 987123/02/201723/02/2017